How do you design and develop one the best B2B ecommerce websites?

What it takes to deliver one of the best B2B ecommerce sites around

The entire morphsites® team is delighted to have our work on Blake Envelopes highlighted as one of the best examples of B2B ecommerce on the web today by leading authority Econsultancy.

The site was praised for the quality of design, ease of use and user focused features.


Econsultancy - if you don't read it, you should.

Econsultancy was founded in 1999 and is widely regarded to be the leading source of independent advice and insight on digital marketing and ecommerce, so to have one of our ecommerce sites selected from the masses (and be at the top of that list) is an achievement we are really proud of. As you can imagine, the customer is pretty happy too.

But what does it take to deliver an ecommerce site to this standard? Read on to find out…

The Right Relationship

Any website is only as good as the relationship between the customer and the agency delivering the work. For a start, mutual respect and cooperation is essential if both parties are going to gel and work well as a team.

But it goes beyond that.

To get the best results, it is essential that a full understanding of the client’s business and goals is developed and refined, which means good communication.

For the agency this means lots of listening, asking the right questions and understanding the customer’s aspirations, market and users.

For the customer, this will sometimes mean hearing advice and recommendations that are contrary to your requests – ideally with a rationale for why and with the best results in mind!

A Clear Vision

We have worked with Blake for nearly three years now, developing in that time a great and flexible working relationship. But along with that, we have always received a clear vision from them on what they want to achieve, even if the details needed further consideration and planning.

Ecommerce planning meeting at Blake Envelopes.
An effective working relationship and clear objectives, along with good old fashioned hard work, has been essential in delivering the new website.

However, filling in the details is where we can apply our skills and expertise to get the best results for the customer, but it has always been with a clear understanding of the desired end result.

Make your plan, define your vision, decide on your goals and then action it – if you make these up as the project goes along, it will show and the results will be haphazard at best.

Hard Work

Hard Work? Obvious? Maybe. But it cannot be overstated. And it goes both ways.

To date, we have logged close to 2,000 man hours in the areas of prototyping, design, development, planning, training, content creation, SEO, heatmap analysis, analytics and other areas.

This is all tied together by en essential lynchpin – a project management team who understand the project. Typically on a project of this nature and scope, morphsites will run with 2 project manager roles. First is an administrative project manager, whose focus is to arrange scheduling, resources and the general day-to-day coordination. This is then backed up by a technical project lead, with a clear grasp of the project goals and the technical aspects therein.

But intrinsic to the success of our work with Blake is that they have invested similarly in terms of their time, always ensuring a central point of contact to work on the project from their end, gathering data, answering questions, determining user requirements and ensuring things run smoothly.

Simply put, to get the very best outcome, the hard work has to be a two-way street, with blood sweat and tears for both customer and agency.

The End Result

From increased enquiries to stronger search engine rankings, the new site has delivered on the vision set out for it and the brand it represents, culminating in the recognition by Econsultancy. Read the Econsultancy article here

In fact, the site has since been featured again in the article 15 inspiring examples of ecommerce product pages,  for the quality of design and clarity of information. We’re pretty chuffed with that.

But as with all good ecommerce sites, things never stop and we continue to work with Blake on improving the current site’s user experience, and adding new features to further drive success.

Could You Be Next?

Being recognised for doing a great job is addictive; once is never enough. It’s made us hungry to keep going and aiming for even more accolades. We'd love that to be your project, so why not get in touch and discuss what we can do for you?

Talk to us about your next project

You can read more about the Blake Envelopes project, or why not take a look at the work we've done for other customers.

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