What to write about when you don’t know what to blog

So I’ve been asked to write another blog post. This is clearly because after reading my last blog my superior writing skills have at last been recognised. (Either that or the fact that all the other blog writers have disappeared in ‘mysterious’ circumstances.)

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Not sure what you shoudl be writing about? You're not alone, but there are ways to resolve it...

Although I am aware of my high intellect, as I’m sure you are, it may surprise you to note that when I was asked to write this blog I had absolutely no idea what to write about. Because of this small and yet fairly significant detail, I set out on a quest to find inspiration on writing a truly motivational blog that would captivate the hearts and minds of the readers. It was after attempting this that I discovered that even the source of all human knowledge (known to many as the internet) has its limitations.

Maybe it's because of this that I came up with the perfect blog post…

What to write about when you don’t know what to blog!

So you want to blog. You've seen or heard of the benefits reaped by others from their blog and you want some of that action. So you get a blog for your website (need a blog? speak to us - Ed) and you sit down to write your first, epic and inspirational article. This is when it hits you: what am I going to blog about?

The first thing to consider is: "why"? 

Why are you writing a blog? 

For some people it is a way to put their opinions down in writing and share them with the world, (whether the world wants to hear them or not!) For others it is a way to keep in touch with family and friends, (or to annoy them even when they’re not around!) And for others it is a way of promoting their business (by bringing people to their website,) or by showing their customers they care (by blogging about concerns or issues they may have).

Whatever the reason for you to blog by considering why you are blogging you can help to discern the next question. Who?

Who is you audience?

As discussed above each type of blog will have a different audience. For example someone who is blogging about something funny their baby/cat/dad did or ate, is likely to attract people with similar experiences and story’s, whereas someone who is blogging about their business or website is likely to attract customers or potential clients.

Knowing who your audience is can help shape what you write about
Knowing your audience is pretty important in deciding what you should write about in your blog. These guys are probably not your audience.

If you cannot decide on who your audience is, try and think back to why you are blogging in the first place and why people are going to read your blog (what are they looking for?) and this can help you to decide who it is that you are going to target. If you still cannot decide, have a look at other people’s blogs. Try and find people who are blogging for a similar reason to you. For example there is no point looking at a blog which discusses how to take care of your sea monkeys (don’t ask), if you are planning to blog about the latest fashion tips (unless you’re planning to blog about fashion tips for sea monkeys. But that’s just weird.)

If you cannot decide on who your audience is, try and think back to why you are blogging in the first place - and why people are going to read your blog.

Once you decide on who your target audience is and why you want to direct them to your blog the next thing to think about is what?

What to blog about?

After considering the above points the next thing to think about is what are you going to blog about? For most people this is the hardest part and can take the longest to decide. There is no right or wrong way to decide this and everyone will have a different method. The following is a guide to how some people may come up with a blog post.

It all starts with an idea.

How often are you going about your day to day life when an idea pops into your head? The answer is likely all the time and often at the most inconvenient moment. The hard part is deciding what to do with that idea. Do you ignore it and carry on with what you’re doing? Or do you think about it for a bit and then forget about it? 

Next time you have a potential idea try writing it down. Don’t just write it down and then forget about it though. Try and think about it a bit more. When you think about it new ideas may pop into your head if this happens write down these new ideas, as you write these down other ideas will begin to form and eventually you will have a list of different points and ideas to blog about.

Thinking hard about an idea
When you have an idea, don't let it go! Think about it, develop it and add to it until it becomes something coherent and of value

This may not happen immediately and may take a few weeks or even months before you are happy with what to blog. If you practise this and do it on a regular basis however, you can be sure that it will become a lot easier and you will get better and better at coming up with ideas. 


When you’ve considered the Why, Who and What, you should have at least a basic idea on what you want to blog about, and how to go about it. And hopefully it can help you to come up with a truly amazing idea for a blog post in the future.

So that concludes my second blog post. I want to give a big shout out to all of my millions of fans who all rightly think I am awesome. Have fun blogging!

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