Axminster Carpets

  • Bespoke Design and Development of B2B website
  • Sample Ordering System
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • API Integrations

Since 1937, Axminster Carpets have made the world's finest carpets; found in royal residences and some of the finest hotels, homes and train carriages in the world!

Axminster Carpets rebranded to help refocus their prestige in the interiors sector and increase their market share. They chose us to redesign their website with a target to increase engagement with their customers, simplify their sample ordering process and deliver the information and inspiration necessary to appeal to interior designers, business owners and homeowners.


Increase in pages per session
Axminster Carpets B2B website on a laptop

The Challenge

We knew from the outset that Axminster Carpets’ unrivalled heritage and commitment to their craft would sit at the heart of visual and UX design outcomes.

We needed to reconnect and increase engagement between Axminster Carpets and interior designers and homeowners around the world whilst simplifying the sample ordering process and providing an intuitive range of browsing options to cater to business owners and end users.

Through detailed analysis of visitor behaviour and user experience discovery, we quickly defined a set of key goals that we needed to achieve. With the insights gathered from our research and workshops with the Axminster team, we designed a fully responsive website that would really deliver for existing and new customers.

Axminster Carpets branding and product image

The Solution

We designed a website that put the focus on Axminster Carpets’ beautiful product imagery and effortless product discovery for both end-user consumers and business accounts.

The design process, involving key stakeholders from the outset and making use of the discovery, definition, development and delivery approach allowed us to focus on root causes of user experience pains and reach a problem definition and solution rapidly.

The design solution we reached included major improvements to the navigation, product browsing options, telling the Axminster Carpets’ story, the product pages and article and content pages.

We developed a bespoke content management system (CMS) tailored to meet Axminster Carpets’ unique content and product requirements, allowing them to support their users and the flexibility to grow their business.

On launch, Axminster Carpets pages per session increased 144%. This fantastic result reflected the effort and careful planning that went into the website design and UX. Session duration also increased 15% across all visitors.

Axminster Carpets new website homepage
Axminster Carpets branding and product image

Customer engagement exceeded all expectations...


6.22 Pages/session Increased to 15.2 Pages/session after website launch

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