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Eureka help those with less-than-perfect credit lease a brand-new car at a reasonable rate.

In the current economic climate, many can find themselves in a situation where their credit rating has been negatively affected, through no fault of their own. With a car being a necessity for many, being refused credit for such an essential item can be a real problem.

Eureka aim to challenge this by taking a sensible and human view of the applicant’s circumstances, history and requirements, helping them to drive away a new car and begin to repair their credit rating in the process.


PPC Conversion Rate
Eureka Website on a Apple iPad tablet

The Challenge

Providing vehicles for those with poor credit is nothing new and the market is saturated with companies offering used cars for sale or lease. These are often over three years old, which means they are typically out of warranty, high mileage, less reliable and in need of an annual MOT.

On top of this, many companies offering these cars apply high interest rates and perform what are known as 'hard searches' on an applicant’s credit file, which can make it very hard to shop for credit, and temporarily reduce an individual's credit score – not a desirable outcome!

Eureka’s approach is to always offer new cars at favourable rates. Recognising that a hard credit search is not the right approach for those in this situation, they wanted to offer a solution that avoided this potentially negative cycle.

How could they overcome these various challenges and cut through the noise in the market?

Eureka's eligibility checker on a smartphone

The Solution

morphsites began by conducting extensive research to understand the various offerings and competition in the market. This research identified that a strong brand with a premium feel would attract the right type of applicant; one whose circumstances aligned with Eureka’s offering.

Having developed a strong visual identity to support the positioning, we got to work on the mechanics: an easy-to-use website with a premium feel and messaging that integrated with a soft search credit checking service.

Another agency had already been appointed to run PPC campaigns for the site following launch. However, after a lacklustre set of results and significant costs the paid search team at morphsites were asked to review and implement changes in order to get the enquiries needed for the business. Our initial market and competitor research meant we could quickly deliver a set of effective campaigns across both the Google and Bing search networks. This was coupled with a highly focussed and specific set of landing pages, designed to maximise enquiries.

Eureka Care Leasing's website menu on a mobile
Supporting brand collateral for Eureka
Eureka required a strong visual identity to appeal to the specific target audiences identified

Our PPC campaign for Eureka began delivering ROI in just 5 days with the following increase in conversions rate:


Increase in conversions from 2.05% to 13.60%

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