Our PPC viability study aims to help you answer those vital questions

We offer a viability study which challenges the norm, we analyse your marketplace and online business presence and identify where improvements in performance can be gained.

Using our proven process, we offer a range of feasibility studies all tailored to your business objectives and goals, based on the following steps.

  1. Keyword research

    • Which keywords shall I use?
    • Are people searching for these terms?
    • What will a campaign cost me?
  2. Advert performance

    • How competitive is my marketplace?
    • How do I make my adverts stand out?
    • How should we target relevent audiences?
  3. Website performance

    • Will my website convert traffic into sales?
    • Does my website accurately represent my business?
    • Are my USP's clear to potential customers?
  4. Company financials

    • Do I have strong enough margins to support a PPC campaign?
    • Which service or products do I target?
    • Can I commit a budget to PPC?
  5. Potential results

    • Will a PPC campaign help me reach my business objectives?
    • Can I develop sustained growth through PPC?
    • Is this the best use of my marketing budget?

What's the value of investing in a PPC viability study?

Case study - the startup

We firmly believe, no client, current or new, should commit their budget to any form of paid search without establishing all the facts to enable them to make an informed business decision. Don't just take our word for it, the results speak for themselves.

The resultsROI - Value of goals generated


morphsites PPC experts discuss the poor results a new business had achieved with a national media group

Without a PPC viability study

Initially the client went with a national media group for the first 30 days, they carried out the following:
  • Performed limited keyword research.
  • Didn’t recommend or make any changes to the website.
  • Included print advertising.
  • Website display advertising.
  • Started off spending lots of Google Ads budget across lots of keywords, with limited results.
  • Management cost including print media /month£4000
  • Google Ads Spend£1848
  • Facebook spend£2000
  • Total cost£7848

The resultsROI - Value of goals generated


morphsites team happily discusses some great PPC results achieved for a client

With a PPC viability study

With limited results the client decided to use morphsites. Within 30 days we carried out the following:
  • Invested in a PPC viablity study.
  • Based on the viability research we recommended website changes to increase the conversion rate and new keywords to get the right customers to the website.
  • Designed and built a dedicated landing page laid out to convert visitors into customers.
  • Tested the landing page and selected keywords with a smaller budget.
  • Increased the Google Ad budget once the best performing keywords had been identified.
  • Cost of PPC viability study:£650
  • Recommended changes to site cost:£1200
  • Management cost / month£1500
  • Facebook spend£1200
  • Google Ads spend£4276
  • Total cost£8826

Why use morphsites?

morphsites PPC experience

We care about results

We look at the bigger picture

Rather than offering free gimmicks we spend our time getting to know the details of your business.

morphsites will…

  • #
    Always perform research to ensure we are targeting the right customers.
  • #Work with you to create winning advertising content to win over customers.
  • #Build bespoke landing pages that are designed to convert visitors into sales.
  • #Always be honest - if PPC does not suit your business model and doesn't look profitable we will tell you.
  • #Aim to give you clear actionable insights based on our decades of experience to increase your profitability.

If we don't think we can get you results from PPC, we'll tell you.

The traditional PPC experience

Some agencies only care about spend

Focused only on PPC

Many agencies will offer a free PPC audit, designed to win you over by highlighting mistakes in your account.

Typical agencies…

  • Will do only basic research due to the time and cost involved.
  • Often create all advertising based on generic website content.
  • Will just focus on getting traffic to your website, improving conversions is out of their remit.
  • Won't look at your business model, and factor in profit margins.
  • Are happy with just being profitable enough to justify their costs.

How does it work?

  • Book viability study

    Arrange your viability study at a time suitable to you, based on your requirements.

  • Client consultation

    We meet to go through our process with you to find out the objectives of your business.

  • Research and analysis

    Tailored to your business we perform keyword research, and analyse the performance of your  current website.

  • Presentation review

    We share our findings with you either on the phone or face to face. You get a copy of all the data, and we recommend next steps.

Arrange your viability study

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Arrange your PPC viability study

  • Find out if people are searching for your products or services online.
  • Ensure your website will convert visitors into customers.
  • Discover if a PPC campaign is likely to deliver a good ROI.

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