Website Design & Build

Loeb Smith & Brady are a Cayman Law firm who provide legal expertise at the highest level

Having seen some of our other work, the firm's Partners approached us to create new branding materials for the company along with a clean, fresh website that could stand toe-to-toe with competitors and appeal to the firm's target market.

The project was especially challenging due to the four-week turnaround time required. In order for the website to be developed in such a short period of time, it was essential for the customer to respond to requests for design approval and other information in a timely fashion and for us to put in a few late nights!

The customer was up to the challenge and despite a time difference of 6 hours, we were able to communicate effectively and complete the project in the period required. We feel this is a great testament to morphsites' ability to work on a truly international level, not only to deliver a website under tight contraints, but also to a high level of quality and customer satisfaction.

Customer Testimonial

Gary Smith, Partner

Morphsites were fantastic to work with. Their turnaround time and general responsiveness were incredibly efficient. We work with them to get the whole project done in under 5 weeks! We will be using them on a number of other projects because we thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with them on setting up our site.