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Car leasing website climbs to page 1 of Google against tough competition.

When the website of car leasing company, First Vehicle Leasing (FVL), disappeared from page 1 of Google search results overnight, they began the hunt for an expert team that could help improve their search engine optimisation (SEO). Although FVL's website was hidden on page five of Google, they had big aspirations. Climbing to page one for the highly competitive key term 'car leasing', which sees a volume of 90,000 searches per month, was a tall order. But when FVL reached out to morphsites, we gladly took on the challenge.

Removing the guesswork

Working closely with FVL, we got to grips with their business and the car finance industry, using the clever tools at our disposal to monitor and resolve any SEO issues on an ongoing basis.

Rather than stuffing keywords on to every page, a practice which Google advises against, we optimised each page for a specific key term that FVL's target market search for. Putting pen to paper, we created irresistable content based around the car leasing industry that readers would want to share, helping to improve FVL's profile and brand appeal.

Continuous improvement

Continually tracking and refining each page on FVL’s website was key to success. And by doing this, FVL climbed to position 12 on the second page of Google search results. With the top spot in sight, we analysed how customers were using the website, making improvements to increase conversions, including a fresh new design to support the compelling content. 

FVL saw their ambitions realised in July 2017 when their website ranked on the first page of Google for the sought-after key term ‘car leasing’. And we’re pleased to say that FVL has been climbing steadily in the Google ranks ever since.

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