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Coombe Farm Organic sells high quality organic meat and other products exclusively online.

Coombe Farm Organic

Launching a new online business from a standing start is always a challenge, as there is no historical data or insights on which to base user experience (UX) and commercial decisions. Coombe Farm, an exclusive brand selling high-quality organic products online,  needed help in identifying their target audience, establishing their brand, and building a website that would quickly generate traffic and revenue with a high conversion rate.

Organic compliance and accounting necessitated careful stock control, traceability and accounting integration with Sage 200. Coombe Farm partnered with morphsites in 2015, so that we could help them create and launch their brand online.

Following extensive research into the market and competitor activity, we set about prototyping a website that would appeal to visitors, present products and content in the best possible light, and convert website traffic into sales opportunities.

We worked closely with the Coombe Farm Organic team to ensure that the site provided a supporting back office system that aided sales order processing, accounting and stock control.

Google AdWords (known as pay-per-click or PPC), remarketing and affiliate marketing techniques played a crucial role in attracting visitors to the site while organic ranking was being established. We also integrated the website with www.reviews.co.uk, allowing consumers to provide feedback on their experience.

An ongoing program of conversion rate optimisation (CRO), development and digital marketing allows us to continue to refine the user experience of the site while adding new features and improving organic search rankings.

Consistent Growth and Conversion Rates

Coombe Farm Organic was launched in the latter part of September 2015 and has seen consistent and impressive growth in that time that has exceeded all expectations.

This growth has allowed Coombe Farm to expand both their product line and logistical operations, which has in turn provided efficiency savings that improve margins. Customers love the site, regularly providing praise on its ease of use and simplicity.

Customer Testimonial

Ben White, Managing Director

morphsites was the logical choice for us when appointing an agency to design and build the Coombe Farm Organic site, not only in terms of design and technical competence but also with respect to the sheer enthusiasm and positivity they contribute to our business as a whole.

It really is like having your own dedicated digital marketing and development team. They are responsive, innovative and always work the highest standards. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending morphsites for your next project.