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Helping the public find a barrister for their legal needs

In 2014, Stephen Ward had a groundbreaking idea that would modernise key legal processes, cut third-party costs, minimise reams of paperwork, and save precious time.

Stephen Ward and his colleagues envisioned a digital solution where barristers could access everything they needed online, eliminating the need for physical offices and costly clerking fees.

Clerksroom Direct, now known as The Barrister Group, launched in 2014, pioneering the world's first website for the public to directly find and access barristers. And throughout their journey, we have been their digital partners, assisting them in generating leads, cutting costs, and spearheading ROI.


Over the years, we have assisted The Barrister Group with the growth of website visitors, quality leads, and revenue. Developing revolutionary technology, enhancing Google Ad campaigns, and utilising social media to platform their business has contributed to their continual success as a law firm.

“I have been working with the team at morphsites for 18 years now as they are just simply brilliant. The key to working with any development team is to have a clear and well thought out brief. We have worked on large, complex systems, payment processing systems, API integration and many other smaller projects, all with great success. The entire team complement each other which is great when you need a full team for a project, no matter how large or small. I would recommend morphsites without hesitation. Great team, great company.”

Stephen Ward - Co-Founder

9x ROI

Highly profitable PPC

The Barrister Group generates 9x more revenue than their ad spend.


Calls from PPC

75% of all phone calls are driven by targeted Google Ad & Bing ad campaigns.


Conversion rate

Continuous monitoring and improvement to drive increased site conversion rates.

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Web design

Working closely with The Barrister Group's in-house team, we designed and created their website with the customer in mind, including user-friendly features to make navigation, browsing, and enquiring super simple and secure. With clear, striking CTAs, and fresh, appealing visuals, we were able to boost The Barrister Group’s conversion rate (CRO) and increase their clients’ online experience.

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Reaching a new target audience

The Barrister Group had been offering services to solicitors for decades but wanted to reach members of the public with their public access offering. This service gives members of the public the ability to instruct barristers directly without using a solicitor.

The new branding had to be clear, concise, and trustworthy to reflect The Barrister Group's values.

Our imaginative design team offered several different options to launch the new brand.

Website showcase

Bespoke development

Tailored landing pages

It was important to ensure the website development met the polished look and feel of The Barrister Group brand. Tailored landing pages were built to convert visitors into paying customers.

Bespoke case management system

Built from the ground up, we worked closely with The Barrister Group's team to build an efficient case management system to handle inbound leads. This system allows their team to work from anywhere with the internet and a phone.

Built to scale

The Barrister Group's website has been developed to grow with the needs of their business over the next 5 years.

Clerksroom direct block showcase

Social media advertising

Using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, we suggested targeting solicitors who require expert barristers, delivering customised messages directly to their personal LinkedIn feed.

With our experienced team of digital marketers on the case, we helped The Barrister Group:

  • Setup and create Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ad accounts and campaigns
  • Analyse and identify the best audiences, job titles, and expertise
  • Quality copywriting, imagery, and videos designed to get people to their website
  • Identifying the right landing pages to convert their traffic into sales

Conversion rate optimisation

Working closely with The Barrister Group team, we undertook a content cleanse and rewrite of their landing pages, finding areas that needed addressing to upscale their conversion rate. Our digital team and in-house copywriters created customised landing pages that differentiated each area of law, updating the content in a way that adds value to the reader and sways them to convert.

Business Intelligence

We offered an array of tech and business intelligence that allowed us to find any holes in their marketing funnel and ensure they were getting the maximum return on their investment.

Using morphBI – a business intelligence software developed by morphsites – we were able to:

  • Trace all leads from phone calls and form enquires to Google Ad campaigns
  • Seamlessly integrate morphBI with their existing CRM, importing real sales and quote value to track actual results
  • See which campaigns are generating high-quality leads and sales to continue to improve their marketing strategies and reduce marketing spend

Your story. Our reality.

As a true partnership, we have worked very closely with The Barrister Group's experienced team to continually grow their revenue month on month, year on year. The result? Reducing average costs per lead whilst maximising profitability.

So no matter what vision you have for your business, you can rest assured morphsites will be able to bring it to life. Let’s work together to turn your business ideas into reality and power steer your business growth.

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