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Web integrations

A business can save massive amounts of time (and money) by automating and integrating the processes involving its website and business applications. Even seemingly small savings can dramatically improve profit margins when multiplied across the business.

We don’t just design and build excellent websites; our talented team of developers can integrate almost any third-party application or software that has an API (Application Programming Interface – allowing applications and software to talk to each other using a common coding language) with the websites we build.

This means your CRM, stock or warehouse management software, or accounting application - to name but a few - can likely be integrated with your website, reducing human error and saving huge amounts of time. The result? Your team members have more time to focus on the things that matter, like generating more sales or leads.

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Popular integrations and APIs

So, does this mean the website can make that coffee, pack that box, or drive that delivery van? Well, astonishingly, in theory, linked up with the correct (albeit very expensive) kit, yes! But realistically what might be automated by a bespoke website? The most common automations come through integrations with other software/applications via an API and can include:

  • Stock control systems (warehouse management/ERPs) such as Sage, Orderwise, NetSuite and Pegasus Opera. The warehouse is notified immediately when an order is placed, and stock levels are automatically updated in real time. Remove the risk of over-ordering and uncomfortable phone calls to customers.

  • Bookkeeping and order processing such as Sage and Xero. Your bookkeepers and accountants don’t have to learn how to use your website to print reports and view orders, they can use the software they’re already accustomed to.

  • Automated delivery cost calculations that are presented to your customers at the time of checkout and are obtained in real time directly from a courier (or even a list of couriers), including DHL, DPD, FedEx and UPS. Protect your margins by charging the correct delivery fees

Another often overlooked (or even unconsidered) benefit of integrating the website and automating processes is that in doing so, the ‘human factor’ can be removed, which is especially advantageous when dealing with information of a sensitive nature or where accuracy is vital. With an integration, data can be transmitted via an encrypted connection and never makes a mistake duplicating content.

Here are some of many systems we have integrated with over the years:

Common questions about API integrations

API stands for Application Programming Interface and is the ‘translator’ that allows two or more applications to talk to each other. We use the API so that the website can make ‘Calls’, ‘Requests’ and ‘Posts’ (that is sending and receiving information) to the other application without a human needing to do it themselves. Most APIs are written into documentation which serves as an integration guide. It tells us exactly what the application is expecting to ‘hear from’ and to ‘say to’ the websites we build.

Integrating a website with other applications saves time, reduces duplication of tasks, and increases productivity. Order, transactional and submission information can be instantaneously transmitted to any number of applications via an API – you can even display a web order on your warehouse display application the moment the order is successful – all without a single human interaction. That’s a lot of time saved. Rather than babysitting your website, put it to work by linking it with your stock management application, negating the need to update stock in two applications, literally halving the time to manage your inventory and making over-ordering impossible, unless you want to allow it. When an order is accepted, and payment made, rather than download the orders at the end of each day and enter them into your accounts application (e.g. Xero or Sage), integrate it with your website, and the orders are automatically filed with the correct VAT details. It can even recognise and file invoices and orders against repeat customers keeping it all neat and tidy.

The value of an integration can be illustrated in the following three examples: 1) It reduces human error by removing the human from the data entry; that is, copying the data from the website into the relevant application(s). This reduces wasted time, orders going to the wrong place, incorrect spellings, and potential data leaks. 2) The time saved allows team members to focus on the things that contribute to the business. For example, rather than a salesperson copying a customer’s record from the website into the CRM or marketing list, it happens automatically. The time saved allows that team member to spend more time on the phone generating more leads and sales. 3) Accountant fees are lowered, as there is less work for them to do. If the website is integrated with their accounting software, the figures are automatically pulled through, reducing data entry.

It depends on the size, complexity and quality of the API, and documents provided by company that built the application. The value of a web-based integration is all about saving time and improving accuracy. If the integration isn’t making a saving in time or contributing to the business somehow, then there is no point doing it.

Your application provider will be able to answer this. We can also provide you with information about the many applications we've already integrated. Some companies will charge extra to use their API, some may include a capped number of API ‘calls’ (that is communications), and others will provide it for free.

Integration case studies

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We worked closely with Coombe Farm Organic to launch an organic food and drink brand, helping them to accelerate from £0 to £100,000+ revenue per month within 2.5 years!

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Outrank the competition

First Vehicle Leasing maintains a high rank on Google, giving them a 30% increase in conversion rates across all channels in this highly competitive digital space.

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