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Business intelligence for SMEs

You spend a lot of money on marketing campaigns. morphBI reveals which ones are working, and helps you make them work even better.

Spending more money on your marketing efforts than you would like?

With so many tools and tactics out there, it can be hard to determine strategies that will improve ROI and upscale your conversion rate. But what if you had a business intelligence tool that cut through the noise and identified quality leads – leads that help you maximise your marketing performance and drive home more sales?

That's where morphBI comes in.

Lead tracking software ideal for SMEs

morphBI is an advanced lead tracking and reporting tool for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) developed to help you bring in better quality leads.

  • Want to know how many times a lead visited your website before getting in touch?

  • Curious about the pages that generate the most leads?

  • Pass lead value directly into Google Ads (or other ad platforms) to improve your ad results, lowering cost per lead and increasing lead quality.

  • Save on your ad spend.

morphBI tracks the value of your sales and more, giving you a complete picture of your marketing success while cutting back on costs.

Improve your marketing performance

Marketing campaigns can be a costly investment, which is why morphBI is so useful. morphBI reveals which campaigns are actually working, helping you save valuable time and resources.

Track every lead

  • Capture every enquiry form and trace it back to the exact marketing source.
  • Discover which marketing channels are driving your leads.
  • Dive into the pages they're checking out, and keep track of how many times they're browsing your website before taking action.

Trace every phone call

  • Capture every phone call and trace it back to the precise start point, generating better experiences for your target market.
  • Record and trace calls with first-party data.
  • Create transcripts of customer interactions.
  • Improve the quality of calls your marketing is generating.

Drive down marketing costs

  • Identify where your best and worst leads originate and redeploy previously wasted marketing spend into channels you know drive more ROI.

Get reliable tracking that never misses a dial with quality lead tracking software.

Generate quality leads with morphBI

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to accurate tracking! With morphBI, you can easily identify where your best value leads are coming from, helping you uncover those not-so-great quality leads to give you valuable insight. And unlike other BI tools, morphBI takes it up a notch by recording phone calls, creating transcripts, and more…

Gain the business intelligence you need to identify and fix any flaws in your marketing and sales funnel. Why settle for mediocre results when you can transform your strategies into something truly extraordinary?

And right now, we are offering businesses like yours a FREE morphBI consultation! This means you will see how morphBI works for you and witness first-hand how you can use it to upscale your business conversion rates and bring in quality leads.

Business intelligence for SMEs

Using morphBI, you’ll gain market, customer, and competitor insights that will get you planning out the right marketing strategy. You’ll receive accurate data that helps you leverage your unique selling points and puts you one step ahead of the market –and your competitors.

Marketing teams

With morphBI, you can easily analyse customer data and create personalised marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience. You can monitor your campaign’s performance in real-time and see what works for your business and what doesn’t, effectively maximising your ROI and reducing costs.

Sales teams

Experience effortless lead tracking with morphBI and track every lead on your website from inquiries and phone calls to transactions and web chats. Benefit from phone call assistance that guides you when on those important phone calls with potential clients and upgrade your marketing efforts to achieve higher conversion rates.

What business intelligence tool will work best for you?

You may be thinking…

Isn’t Google Analytics 4 enough for industry-leading businesses?

There’s no knocking Google Analytics 4 – it’s a super tool used by many agencies to track data. But that is about it. Google Analytics is a macro tool; it will not give the specific insight and thorough reports you need to gain accurate details on your leads. If you are serious about upscaling your CRO, more is needed. You need to track the lead quality.

With morphBI, you can go past the surface and see where the problems lie.

GA4 stays in the shallow end.

That’s why we’ve been recommending morphBI to small businesses looking for a full-scale tracking system.

Let’s talk morphBI!

Smart lead tracking for smart businesses

morphBI gives industry-leading business owners like you accurate acquisition cost tracking and on-demand reporting analytics all in one place. With morphBI, you will be able to:

  • Track leads that come from your marketing efforts.

  • Determine which marketing efforts drive the most qualified leads.

  • Automatically create reports that show all the acquired data.

  • Pass lead value directly into Google Ads to improve your ad results, lowering cost per lead and increasing lead quality.

  • Save on your Google ad spend.

The managing director gestures to the studio managers display during a catchup. Both are smiling, and a large glass wall and brick pillar are visible in the background.

Why work with morphsites?

morphsites are no strangers to helping industry-leading businesses skyrocket their growth.

So if you want to fully optimise your conversion rate, we are here to help. We are offering a FREE morphBI consultation to help businesses like yours reach new levels of success, and we are here with you each step of the way to give you the guidance and support you need.

morphsites are revolutionising the game for small businesses. And with morphBI, you can stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions that will enhance your business.

What is morphBI?

morphBI is your go-to solution for tracking and reporting leads – perfect for small businesses like yours. It helps you identify which marketing campaigns are effective, saving you money in the long run. By using morphBI, you can monitor and trace the return on investment for your online marketing efforts.

This software allows you to track all types of leads on their website, including web enquiries, phone calls, transactions, and web chats. Furthermore, morphBI provides valuable insights such as the source of each lead, the customer journey, and the most successful website pages generating leads. Additionally, morphBI can track the value of sales, offering you a comprehensive understanding of your marketing performance.

How much does morphBI cost?

Setup fee: To cover development costs and the API integration, we charge £495 for a one-time setup.

Monthly costs: The morphBI licence for use costs £95 per month plus usage charges.*

*Please contact us for more information.

What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence refers to the process of gathering and analysing data to make better business decisions. It is a set of processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful information to guide strategic and tactical business decisions.

What are the 3 main reasons small business should adopt business intelligence?

In a nutshell, business intelligence offers small businesses a path to smarter decision-making, a competitive advantage, and improved efficiency – all key ingredients for sustained growth and success.

Top 5 business intelligence features for small businesses

Looking for the right business intelligence tool for you? Then here are the top 5 features you should look for before choosing:

  1. Tracks leads across ALL your marketing efforts
  2. Monitors ROI to determine what marketing drives the best leads
  3. Automatically creates insightful, clear marketing reports
  4. Reduces costs and marketing spend
  5. Simple, easy software integration

What are the advantages of using a lead management tool?

  1. Smart decision-making: morphBI provides you with access to a wealth of data and analytics, empowering you to make informed decisions. Your business can then uncover trends, patterns, and insights that guide your decision-making process.

  2. Boosted efficiency and productivity. With morphBI’s automating data analysis and reporting, you can save precious time and effort. By eliminating manual tasks, you can focus on strategic initiatives, making quicker decisions and ultimately increasing your efficiency and productivity.

  3. Improved collaboration and communication. morphBI creates a centralised platform for data analysis and reporting, making sharing and collaboration a breeze. You can easily share dashboards, reports, and insights with your colleagues, fostering effective communication and teamwork.

  4. Enhanced forecasting and planning. You can tap into historical and real-time data to forecast future trends, identify potential risks and opportunities, and create data-driven plans. This empowers proactive decision-making and helps you stay one step ahead of the game.

What are the drawbacks of using business intelligence tools?

  1. Some business intelligence tools can be difficult to use. It can take time for employees to learn how to use business intelligence, which takes up time your business may just not have. BUT with morphBI, you and your team will experience easy software integration and complete hand-by-hand guidance from our digital marketing team.

  2. Complex data systems. With many business intelligence tools, collecting the vast amount of data that comes through can be overwhelming for some. However, morphBI has a simple dashboard and interface, making it easier for your team to find the data they need in an instant.

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