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Will paid search work for your business?

Online advertising, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC), can be a highly effective way of driving traffic to your website to generate profitable leads, sales or both.

But will it suit your business?

Find out if PPC will work for you

Paid search is not right for every situation, so how can you have confidence that it will work for you and deliver a return on investment?

Our viability consultation helps you to determine whether paid search is a cost-effective way to market your business. Using keyword research, margin considerations and a review of your current website and conversion rates, the consultation will provide a clearer picture of the likely success of any PPC campaigns.

Find out...

digital marketing results

Detailed research

To help us tailor our approach and understand your key goals and objectives, we will work with you to gain detailed insight into your business and target market.

These insights will help us as we perform keyword and industry research, along with consideration of your business and website metrics to determine the cost of driving high-quality traffic to your website.

Using our bespoke PPC revenue calculator and the specialist tools and resources available to us, we can estimate indicative cost-per-click, competition levels and the search volume of specific keywords and phrases.

digital marketing report

Maximising value

Based on this research, we will discuss the likely value a Google AdWords campaign would provide for your business.

Where applicable, a strategic review of your website and/or landing pages will allow us to identify what is currently performing well and recognise new opportunities.

This information enables us to develop a comprehensive paid search strategy and ensure you see the best return on investment.

digital marketing partner

Continuous improvement and review

Paid search is constantly changing, with new products, updates and innovations.

Our PPC consultation will provide the best possible start to your paid search campaign. It will establish the viability of any ongoing paid search package, which will continually measure, review and improve to ensure you always maximise the opportunities from paid search.

If our initial consultation establishes that paid search is likely to provide a return on investment, we will then outline a proposed plan and costs for setup and management of a paid search package for your business.

improving digital marketing results

Typical paid search viability deliverables

  • Keyword research: Including projected costs and traffic volume that a paid search campaign could bring.
  • PPC revenue calculator: Tailored to your business, this interactive tool will allow you to determine if paid search traffic has the potential to be profitable for your products or services.
  • Landing page mock-up: Based on our research and discussions, we will prepare an example of how a landing page for PPC and other campaigns may look and work.
  • Follow-up phone consultation To discuss our research findings and recommendations, and answer any questions you may have.

Paid search success stories

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