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Putting users first with UX design

It's an often misunderstood term, especially as a business buzzword, but is critical to creating successful digital experiences.

User experience design is the process of supporting user behaviour through usability, usefulness and functional desirability. UX design underpins and expands on some of the most fundamental user-centric aspects of ‘good design’ practices for web, which are essential for the success of your project.

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Providing a great user experience is great for your business too

Products, websites and apps are all designed with not only the cornerstone product or service usability in mind, but also the entire process of finding it, engaging with it and, if needed, problem solving. This means that we must consider a project as being part of a broader group of actions and contact points, with key user journeys that link needs and wants to triggers and messaging that help users find and complete their task.

This can benefit your business with increased conversions, user retention, engagement and brand loyalty. We pride ourselves on embedding user experience best practices in our design and planning processes, because our UI and UX skilled designers consider all aspects of your user experience, such as satisfying emotional needs, efficiency of use and, where possible, fun too.

The benefits of UX design are most apparent when used to make otherwise complex systems and interfaces simple and rewarding to the user.

In our years of experience, we believe investing in good UX design upfront can significantly reduce your associated costs down the line by helping produce more accurate estimates, avoiding feature creep and helping ensure your project will deliver what your users need.

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How we employ UX in supporting your goals

Sharing some key benefits, user experience (UX), user interface (UI) and usability design are often confused or misappropriated but as a full service and UX design agency, we employ design experts well versed in all the subsets of UX design as a matter of principle.

UX design is an important feather in our cap and we believe it’s a key ingredient in ‘just good design!’

Whether you need an optimised e-commerce checkout experience that makes buying products easy and pleasant, or a bespoke sign-up process for a service, we include user journeys and UX considerations in our wireframes and designs to help keep your users coming back. When required (typically on complex projects), we will work with you to conduct evaluations, A/B testing, user surveys, user flows, empathy maps and information architecture exercises.

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Considering the why, what and how of design

Understanding that users are not clones of the same person is fundamental to user experience. We work with you to allow for impairments and differences in experience that a web audience presents us with. Throughout your project our design team will assess their work against accessibility and best practice standards to ensure that we are providing a consistently positive experience as much as we can.

Our approach to UX design is backed up by our experience delivering successful projects and we think it’s mutually beneficial for you and your users.

There is no single definition of a good user experience, and context is critical. With this in mind we balance your requirements with a user-centred approach, meaning we design around what your users need and want, using user research where relevant, to make it easy for them to engage with your products or offering.

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