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Animation and motion graphics | Bringing content to life

Consumers are searching out and engaging with video and motion graphics content more than ever before. Motion graphics add another dimension to your content, marketing and storytelling.

Visual descriptions, infographics and scenario-based motion graphics help aid understanding, empathy and quickly connect with your viewers in a meaningful way. With average attention spans online shrinking ever smaller, impactful motion graphics help you reach your audience more effectively.

A fully equipped, modern video recording and animation studio with cameras, monitors, sound and light equipment.

Making a lasting impression with motion graphics

Can you afford to not get your point across quickly?

With ever-decreasing attention spans and as more content is consumed (and expected) in video format, we have experience bringing the stories, products and values of our clients to life in animation and video content. This drives engagement and brings enjoyment to viewers on all the major digital platforms.

At its most basic, motion and video content allows us to present more information, in less time and with greater impact, for productive user engagement.

When combined with an effective strategy and technical know-how based on our experience of bringing engaging, informative and beautiful motion graphics to life on all the major platforms, animation can inspire a huge following and offer great long term value.

Common formats

A smiling video presenter gestures to camera.

When and where motion graphics outperform static content

How do we make the most of the explosion in popularity and accessibility of moving image content in recent years?

Animation presents no limits in terms of what can be achieved or communicated, and often presents a less investment-heavy alternative to elaborate film work, with quicker turnaround times due to the lack of real-world constraints and logistical challenges associated with film and video work.

Motion graphics provide long-life value, excellent exposure across multiple platforms, and don't date as fast as films due to their inherent creative flexibility. It's for these reasons that they're perfect for so many business and story-telling use cases - an animation piece can be seconds, minutes or hours long and can suit any brand or goal.

Moving image work can be used to add value to a huge range of digital properties, from small 'light touch' animated logos, to product intros that can show exploded views and details in 3D-space. Unlike more traditional film and video work, animations are also easy to update and can scale with your brand.

You don't have to just take our word for it...

The benefits of video marketing and content

Research shows that people watch an average of 16 hours of online video per week, with 84% of people saying that they've been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand's video.

In addition, with YouTube reaching more 18-49 year olds in an average week than all cable TV networks combined, according to Google, and more than 66% of consumers preferring to watch a video instead of reading about a product, it's easy to see that video and motion graphics are highly valuable to businesses.

With all this in mind, we need to consider the importance of getting the tone of your unique video content right. Research also shows that many consumers have decided to not buy a product because the video voiceover annoyed them.

A studio camera and camera mounted monitor are used to record a presenter reviewing a product.

How we create great animation work

Visual descriptions, infographics and scenario-based motion graphics quickly aid understanding and empathy, and connect with your viewers in a meaningful way. Moving image adverts, product reviews, showcases and collaborations are helping to sell products and educate consumers more than ever before.

To create successful animation work requires technical know-how and a team of experts, but doesn't need to be a painful or prohibitively costly exercise for businesses. Our team works with clients through research, positioning and storyboarding stages at the beginning of a project to determine the need and best execution. After this, initial concepts (style frames) are created for approval to ensure the positioning and creative direction is on-brief before moving on to turning the storyboards into the full narrative.

Our team brings together a variety of technical and creative expertise, combined with experience launching and creating successful content for major video and web platforms that few other agencies can match, to remove the stress from creating impactful motion graphics.

Want to chat video and motion projects? Speak to our video experts about how we can improve your engagement, lead generation, sales and storytelling.

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