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Video editing

Much of the magic and story telling conveyed in video projects comes from a successful editing process. Editing teams weave footage into a production that tells a compelling story and motivates your audience to action.

Our in-house video experts can ensure your content is produced to the highest technical standards, including professional colour grading, sound engineering and design.

Two podcast presenters record an informal discussion. A camera operator takes images using a mounted camera.

Professional editing and production for great results

Getting your video content produced properly first time saves costs long term and delivers success projects

Video content allows us to present more information, in less time and with greater impact for productive user engagement. However, for this to be achieved requires the effective strategy, creative expertise and technical know-how which we offer to our clients.

Your video project should be aligned with your business standards, and we work with clients from a range of industries to reach their goals, so whatever your video requirements we can work to deliver on your brief.

When it comes to video projects, the results speak for themselves. Professional video editing and production services save money by saving time, and give you the best ROI by delivering the best work possible. The expertise of a video team can bring a new angle and thus a vital and different perspective to whatever story or marketing message you have in mind.

Production elements

A video presenter gestures to the camera, viewed through a camera connected monitor. The presenter is also visible in the background, but out of focus.

How we produce high-quality video work

Without technical expertise and planning know-how, great creative ideas are just ideas

We have a fully featured studio space in Ilminster, Somerset, as well as professional-grade audio, camera and editing equipment to bring your video project to life.

To create a successful video project requires industry knowledge and a team of experts, but doesn't need to be a painful or prohibitively costly exercise for businesses. Our team will work with you through each step to determine your needs and the best execution.

Together we bring a variety of technical and creative expertise, combined with experience launching and creating successful content for major video and web platforms that few other agencies can match. Knowing where, how, and when to deliver the right content, and listening to your audience is vital.

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