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Customer journey

If you’re planning a new website, app or digital project, you’ve likely heard about (if not considered) ways in which you can optimise your customer and user journeys. With more and more transactions beginning and completing online, we believe in digging into the key steps in a customer or buyer's journey to unearth insights on how and where changes should be applied to your customer experience and user journeys online.

With years of experience delivering successful customer research and user journey execution in B2B and B2C online experiences, we can help your business or project achieve its goals. We keep our approach simple with a focus on areas that will bring long-term benefits, and our UX and UI design experts are focused on creating frictionless journeys for your users. Read on for details on what we do for clients, or talk to one of our sales team today and let’s start a journey.

improving digital marketing results

Understanding your customer journey at an overview level, and ensuring your user journeys are successful at a user level is just great for your goals

We’ve helped businesses in the retail, automotive and legal sectors achieve long term results by unpacking their customer journey, combining those insights with an understanding of the stages of buyer awareness and delivering intuitive user journeys through UX and UI design.

By allowing for customers who are aware that they require a solution to something, defining their needs and actively choosing a solution, we help our customers work out how to target new markets and prioritise their goals.

How we use customer and user journeys in supporting your goals

Sharing some key benefits with other CX and UX best practices, mapping how a customer interacts with a business can help outline key events, motivations and areas of friction that can be used to inform our design work and planning, but also content creation that encourages inbound traffic.

Whether you need an optimised e-commerce checkout experience that makes buying products easy and pleasant, or a completely bespoke product that is in uncharted waters, these practices can help achieve results. By understanding how users are finding their way (or not) through the desired stages and goals, we can design your touchpoints and user journeys at a detailed level to reach an effective and efficient process for customers.

The benefits of a user-focused approach to journeys

Our team works with not only the cornerstone product or service usability in mind, but also considers the entire process of finding it, engaging with it and aiding in decision making.

We understand that as a business, everything you do should be about solving customer problems, and with years of experience in our team, we deliver design and UX outcomes that helps you achieve this by aligning user journeys with a goal and designing touch points to maximise success.

With this in mind, we can:

  • Help you focus your offering with an inbound perspective
  • Appeal to new target customers
  • Implement proactive customer service
  • Improve your retention rate
  • Create a customer-focused approach that improves conversion, engagement and task completion

Customer journey work case studies

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