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Is your website working for your business?

You know your business better than anyone. And if you were asked to give a 30-second pitch to a potential customer you'd probably nail it!

But what would happen if that same potential customer landed on your website? Would they quickly understand why they should be using your company?

If not they could be leaving for a competitor's website. Your website should be your company's best sales tool - always on 24/7 - so how can you make the most of this powerful opportunity?

A smiling business development analyst looking at they monitor whilst chatting with a colleague.
Creative director and digital strategy manager review a website during a UX review. The digital strategy manager points to an area on the laptop.

Ensure sure your USPs are clearly presented

Whether it's your prices, amazing customer service or fast delivery, keep it front and centre

Research shows that you have 7 seconds or less to capture the attention of a potential customer, so clearly show what it is that makes you stand out from your competitors.

Digital marketing

Clearly present your products and/or services

No one likes fumbling around a shop because they can't find what they're looking for

Ensure all your products and services are listed. If you don't mention your full range of services, how is a potential customer going to find out about them?

For those businesses that sell online, the shopping experience should be smooth and pain-free. Make sure users can filter long lists of products, save ones they're interested in, and easily buy once they've made up their mind.

A team of digital marketers review information displayed on a large screen. All are using laptops and are focussed on the screen on the wall.

Increase trust in your brand

Forget BitCoin. Online trust is the new currency!

Everyone knows everything about everyone else online. Which means prices and products can be really similar as competitors match each other. So how can you differentiate yourself?

Establish trust via reviews.

A good place to start is the Google Knowledge Panel, otherwise known as that box on the right-hand side of the Google screen which shows all of a business’s details, including their reviews.

A step up from this is to use a reviews platform like This lets you easily automate request reviews and integrate your results into a handy webpage widget. There’s an example at the foot of our homepage

Website development case studies

Launching an innovative product to market and delivering sales

How do you get architects and construction professionals to change to more eco-friendly and efficient building materials? With an informative and easy to use website.

Surecav logo

Assisting a beloved local brand build a national e-commerce offering

Miles Tea & Coffee wanted an effective direct to consumer e-commerce website to sit alongside their existing B2B business. morphsites provided bespoke development and a very effective advertising campaign to drive new customers to their site and increase revenue.

Miles tea logo

Grow online sales

We worked closely with Coombe Farm Organic to launch an organic food and drink brand, helping them to accelerate from £0 to £100,000+ revenue per month within 2.5 years!

image of delicious organic food
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Need your website to connect with software?

One of our specialities is complex integrations. Need your website to talk to your financing software and then authorise your warehouse to proceed with order dispatch? That's exactly the sort of challenge we relish.

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Need a new e-commerce website?

Ordering online is for many industries the de facto route for customers. We help you capitalise on this enormous and highly competitive market with industry-leading websites.

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Thinking about a WordPress site?

WordPress is one of the best known website platforms available. Whilst it has many strengths, it's not always the best fit for every business. Why not speak to us first for an honest appraisal of the best platform for your business needs?

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