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Wireframing that delivers ‘the goods’

We’re often asked about wireframes and how they differ from designs and prototypes. Wireframes provide a low-detail diagram, with a focus on facilitating the process of transferring business goals and user needs to something tangible. Wireframes are great when it comes to planning how your website or app allows users to complete their tasks and ensuring that user journeys are seamless.

We know from years of experience that wireframes are especially beneficial if your project has bespoke or complex requirements, contributing to the overall user experience strategy with a focus on appropriate content and actions for users before visual design stages.

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Wireframes help translate your goals

We will work with you initially to determine if your project will benefit from a wireframing stage and more often than not, this is the case! We pride ourselves on being able to design anything, but we think beyond the immediate deliverables of a web or app project too.

We will work with you to translate your goals, business needs and users' needs into a tangible, low fidelity preview that establishes a structure and user flow for your project. This puts you in a position to contribute to shaping your project with your users in mind quickly and effectively.

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Your customers achieve more... easily

With years of experience in our team, our wireframing experts consider the required user flow, your business needs and hierarchy of information whilst creating diagrams for your website or app’s structure and navigation. This helps you to visualise the final product with us and facilitates refinement and improvements.

This also includes consideration for where and how your users complete various actions, and refining user journeys to make them hassle-free and optimal for busy lives and unique business challenges.

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The first step in a comprehensive, user-centred design process

We focus on achieving a solid return on your investment and have built a reputation for delivering this. Our comprehensive design process makes use of the expertise of our team and directly addresses the needs of your business and customers on all levels.

We pair combined expertise with understanding the latest best practices and methodologies. We work with you using cutting edge wireframing tools as well as cloud services that allow for remote collaboration (and easy progress updates) no matter where you’re based!

Wireframing success stories

Consolidating brands to increase website conversions

By consolidating a number of related company websites into a single branded point, we helped solidify the Blok 'N' Mesh brand name and at the same time added crucial new site features

Blok n mesh logo cover

Dorset Vehicle Rentals

We were tasked to increase bookings and re-engineer an existing online booking system to challenge national competitors.

Dorset Vehicle Rentals logo banner

Driving enquiries for a car leasing broker

motorlet needed a new car leasing platform that would be scalable and flexible to drive enquiries and support continued growth.

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Need your website to connect with software?

One of our specialities is complex integrations. Need your website to talk to your financing software and then authorise your warehouse to proceed with order dispatch? That's exactly the sort of challenge we relish.

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Need a new e-commerce website?

Ordering online is for many industries the de facto route for customers. We help you capitalise on this enormous and highly competitive market with industry-leading websites.

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Think you need a WordPress website?

WordPress is one of the best known website platforms available. Whilst it has many strengths, it's not always the best fit for every business. Why not speak to us first for an honest appraisal of the best platform for your business needs?

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