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Branding for new ventures

“What kind of branding project do we need, and what should the scope be?”

This is a common question raised by novel ventures or businesses who need their first branding designs. Our goal with branding is to give your organisation an impactful, stand-out brand identity in the minds of your customers, investors, prospects and employees.

With years of experience, we know that businesses launching with DIY branding, logos and collateral aren’t saving money in the way they think. We have a flexible approach to delivering impactful brand design that effectively positions and communicates value in businesses from the start.

What do new ventures and businesses require from their branding, and how does it add value?

It’s widely accepted that branding is something all businesses need, but often the ‘why’ and ‘how’ are an afterthought.

We design and position brands to convey values and tonal cues that resonate with an audience and differentiate you from your competition. Successful branding is unique, memorable, relevant, flexible, purposeful and protectable, and backed by brand strategy. This gives the benefit of a strong, competitive brand impression, and helps build long term value.

Our starting point with any project is always to discuss and understand your needs, and work out what a successful branding process looks like for your business before delivering great brand design.

Branding strategy and delivery for new ventures

For new ventures to achieve real success from branding and website design, the brand identity needs to be built on a solid strategy that underpins the endeavour and gives purpose to the deliverables created.

Incorporating brand values, target audience, your vision, mission, promise, story and more, we deliver brand projects for companies of all sizes with strategy-lead brand identity design.

As a full service and brand design agency, we integrate our skills and expertise with yours to help national clients from the startup level to those with established businesses.

We never prescribe a one-size-fits-all approach, but with years of experience in bespoke projects and complex business or customer challenges, we pride ourselves on working efficiently by prioritising the areas of your project that will deliver successful outcomes.

UX review meeting

Our process for successful branding

To give companies a recognisable brand, we’ve refined our approach to combine establishing your brand's audience and market with building unified brand identities.

We believe that open discussions throughout a project bring dynamism and energy to your project, and that developing relationships for the longer term are mutually beneficial for you, us, and our work.

We keep things simple because it helps produce strong creative work and brings results. Working with our clients, a typical project includes a research stage, strategy and design, revisions and review followed by delivery and launch. We often work to a set number of design rounds allowing for your input and expertise to be added, avoiding stressful overruns and wasted hours.

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What does your brand design project need to do for you?

Dependent on your business and goals, we will work through your requirements with you and help ensure the outcomes and results you want to achieve are reached. This helps deliver a unified, tangible brand upon project completion that ties in to your existing or new customer and business strategy.

For bespoke branding projects, key deliverables and strategy focus will vary from project to project, but often cover:

  • A brand name
  • Brand research outcomes
  • Logo designs
  • Brand collateral
  • Brand look and feel, tone of voice
  • Marketing assets
  • Website designs (if a complete digital launch is being undertaken)
  • Signage
  • Brand guidelines

Increase efficiency

We collaborated with Clerksroom Direct to create an industry-leading website founded on a bespoke case management system and fuelled by highly successful PPC campaigns

Hewins Oak

We helped Hewins Oak increase revenue with premium branding, bespoke development, and a very effective advertising campaign.

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