We hold ourselves to high ethical and moral standards

  • We never cheat our customers, suppliers, employees or contractors
  • We always adhere to agreements we have made, even if it costs us to do so
  • We pay all taxes and duties in full and on time, and report our tax liabilities accurately
  • We obey the laws of the countries in which we trade
  • We do not steal software - every application we use is properly licensed
  • We do not lie or misrepresent facts
  • We will never give or accept bribes

We care about our team members

  • We give our team members the best quality equipment we can reasonably afford
  • We continually re-invest in our working environment
  • We listen to our team and respect their views
  • We do not allow prejudice or anti-social behaviour in our work place
  • We give team members time and resources for personal development and training
  • We regularly review and talk to our team members, promptly addressing any concerns they may have
  • We pay our team members on time, every time

We care about our
customers and suppliers

  • We approach our customer and supplier relationships in a spirit of friendliness and mutual cooperation
  • We pay our suppliers on presentation of invoice wherever possible, and never beyond agreed terms
  • We show compassion, reasonableness and kindness in our dealings with others
  • We nurture and aim to foster long-term relationships
  • We recognise that business relationships don't always work, but always seek to address issues in an amicable way
  • We choose carefully who we work with
  • We are motivated by our customers' success stories, rather than their contract value
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We care about charitable causes and support them discreetly

  • We donate at least 10% of our real-terms profit each year to charity
  • We donate anonymously wherever it is possible to do so
  • We never use charitable donations as PR stunts

We care about our environment and our local community

  • We use a refuse collection service that recycles our waste
  • We invest in energy efficient solutions at our premises, wherever possible
  • We use online conferencing where possible to reduce vehicular journeys
  • We keep our premises and surrounding areas clean and well maintained
  • We keep our company vehicles clean and properly maintained
  • We support local small businesses whenever we can
  • We invest in work experience and apprenticeship programmes for young people in our community
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