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Generating leads for a first class leisure destination

Meet Raceworld – the South West’s premier indoor go-karting ground. Unique in its appeal to both families and karting enthusiasts, Raceworld is at the forefront of exciting, safe racing for people of all ages and abilities.

With such a lively atmosphere on the track, Raceworld wanted to capture that same energy on their website. But more was needed to meet the needs of Raceworld’s drivers. They needed to transform their brand not just online but offline as well. This would involve redesigning their website to help them modernise their business, project their brand, and increase bookings.

So we got on board and designed a vivid, dynamic online presence that would grab the attention of serious racers and family go-karters. And now they are becoming one of the top carting venues in the South West.


“Our slick new website was designed by morphsites® who followed our instructions perfectly, kept within budget, and delivered on time whilst achieving flexibility for Raceworld during the Covid-19 crisis. Would highly recommend!”

Rob Twigg - Operations Manager


Conversion rate increase

Since launch in 2020, Raceworld booking enquiry conversion rate has increased by 240%.


SEO Traffic

Raceworld have had 41% more organic traffic since launch compared to the previous 6 months.


Booking enquires

In the first 6 months since launch in 2020, Raceworld has taken 362% more booking enquiries online compared to the previous 6 months on the old site.

Award winning

Web Design

Have you ever visited a website that made you feel excited to participate in your next adventure? Well that’s the same feeling Raceworld wanted to convey when customers click on their website.

Raceworld wanted a modern, energetic design for their website – one that corresponded with their brand message and motivate their audience to book. To match their vision, we created a striking, animated website to give users the feeling they are on the racetrack. With the use of bold typography and sharp colours, we were able to support Raceworld and convey who they are in just a few seconds, helping users start their go-karting adventure from the moment they land on the homepage.

Having a website designed to look and function flawlessly on desktop and mobile is essential, so we focused on creating a site that not only portrayed Raceworld as the lively, exciting business they are but also centred the design to work well across all devices.


Raceworld faced a unique challenge. They needed their brand to target both families and serious racers – two very different audiences with very specific needs. They wanted to reassure their customers and express how critical safety is to Raceworld. All these things are part of Raceworld’s core values, so we wanted to communicate that through their brand.

Brand identity

We carefully positioned Raceworld’s branding to convey their message in a way that resonates with their audience and differentiates them from their competition. This involved broad market research, in-depth brand analysis, and engaging brand content that describes Raceworld as the professional, vibrant, and fun business they truly are.

As a result, Raceworld increased their conversion rate by 240%! This clearly shows how much their customers know and trust them.

UX design

For Raceworld to attract and convert their target audience, they needed to create unique and memorable experiences for their users. That’s where UX (User Experience) design came in. Our web developers worked with Raceworld to develop a quick and simple booking process, helping customers book racing slots and group events easily. Users now have access to a new feature – Circuit Diary – which enables them to select available time slots effortlessly.

Innovative design features such as the Circuit Diary have skyrocketed booking enquiries and sales because of the smooth, plain-sailing user experience. And despite such in-depth design, the website works as fast as a kart on the racetrack.

Brand transformation

Like Raceworld, many businesses need distinctive, relatable branding to drive user engagement and brand value. This helps businesses create distinguished, trustworthy brands, helping them save time and energy while they build a successful business.

At morphsites, we are happy to use our creative intelligence to ensure branding is scalable, clear, and relevant. We continue to pour the same passion, knowledge, and effort into the companies we work with to help them successfully market their business.

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