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Consolidating brands to increase website conversions

Blok 'N' Mesh set the goal of a 50% increase in online enquiries. They told us that they wanted to attract more leads, increase their e-commerce conversion rates and improve their SEO rankings.

We quickly identified that by consolidating a number of associated company sites, Blok 'N' Mesh could have a single point of contact and branding, making for a more pleasing customer journey.

Whilst building this new site, Blok 'N' Mesh chose to move away from the popular WordPress platform onto our bespoke isomorph CMS, giving them total flexibility of design and functionality. This allowed us to add new features such as credit accounts, a quote builder, find your nearest depot tool, and multilingual site display.


“morphsites have delivered a fantastic new website for us, which we're delighted with. We have been extremely impressed with how forthcoming and creative the whole team at morphsites have been throughout the project. They communicated with us very well at all stages of the build, provided valuable suggestions and most importantly delivered an excellent product, whilst overcoming some real challenges. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend morphsites to any company looking for a web developer to build a new, high quality website for their business.”

Laurence Wells - Marketing Manager


Increase in users

Since launch Blok 'N' Mesh have had an 105% increase in visitors on site.


Increase in leads

Since launch Blok 'N' Mesh have had a 38% increase in enquiries on site.


More organic traffic

Since launch Blok 'N' Mesh have had a 33% increase in organic visitors on site.

Website List example

Web design

Working closely with Blok 'N' Mesh's in-house digital marketing team we designed and built the new website with the key objectives in mind, with user-friendly features to make navigation, browsing, and enquiring really simple and secure.

Blok n mesh website showcase

Bespoke development

Turning complicated procedures into simple website processes

The website had to replicate a number of unique and complicated business procedures. Not all products are available in all the countries they operate in, but to add to the complication, the availability to hire but not purchase and vice-versa needed to be definable per country and be updated quickly and easily.

Multiple Translations

Not content with automated translations (which can be inaccurate, erroneous and can't be relied on to improve SEO), we built into the website management a translations/languages system which allows for the manual adding of unlimited alternative translations of nearly all elements on the website. The website also needed to automatically detect the user's country, and present the relevant content as well as language, while offering the user an easy to locate language selector regardless of their language.

Blok n mesh mobile website showcase

Customers first

Online account application

To simplify the process of customers applying for a credit account, which was previously a PDF that would be printed, filled in by hand and then sent back resulting in occasional errors and legibility issues, we turned the PDF form into an online form with each section neatly presented as steps on the webpage making it look simple and easy to complete.

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