What makes morphsites tick?

It's all about the customer experience

In our industry, great customer service is often missing. Speaking "tech" is only useful if one can then translate that into plain English for non-techies to understand. In fact, misunderstandings between developers and customers is the primary reason for project overruns, and then poor service.

We came up with a way to fix that. We've developed three brilliant code platforms for CMS websites and e-Commerce; think of this as a starting point, or foundation for your web project. Each platform has a slightly different focus, and we'll pick the one that will let us build your project with the minimum amount of fuss. This means less time spent on the geeky bit, and more time spent with you making sure that the project delivers a tangible benefit to your business.

More than just a website

You're not just buying a website or an app when you come to morphsites; you are engaging a long-term partner for your business. How would you like that partnership to be? Pro-active? That's what we like too.

Every customer is free to choose the level of involvement we have, but if we're mentally and emotionally invested in your business, then we can do so much more to help bring you success. If we achieve that, you'll be happy to keep employing us, and even refer us to others. We don't want to just churn out projects, we want to build long-term successful relationships. That's different.

Great customer service is not an option...

At morphsites, it comes as standard.

Powerful, but simple to use

Just because you can do something doesn't necessarily mean that you should. We've seen plenty of content management systems that go big on feature lists, but forget about simplicity for the user. Here's a different idea: clear away the clutter!

We take out the functionality you don't need, and make the functionality that you do need really easy to use. Every customer is unique, therefore every system we build is tailored around the customer. We don't believe in bloated, overweight, off-the-shelf systems that try to be all things to all people.

Don't think like a programmer!

Programmers are a unique breed. They spend their working life dealing in binary decisions - right or wrong, black or white - but, binary logic doesn't really work in a real world full of shades of grey.

The very best programmers are able to detach themselves from the machine and think in human terms. This results in systems that work with the user's normal thought process. Put simply: we re-program the system, not the user.