Surely, hosting is hosting?

Sadly, that's not the case. Cheap hosting packages often use older recycled hardware to manage websites, databases and email accounts for hundreds, or even thousands of customers.

All the eggs in one proverbial basket, so to speak. It only takes one of those things to go wrong and your website and email services will suffer.

You wouldn't house a family of five in a one room studio apartment. In the same way, your website should have a home designed to meet its needs properly, and protect your business interests.

Our standards are higher we decided to invest in our own high-performance hardware, which we have housed in a secure state-of-the-art data centre with high levels of Internet connectivity and power redundancy.

morphsites staff have 24/7 physical access to the hardware, along with full remote access giving us complete control over our own equipment. Naturally, we have experienced hardware engineers with extensive experience and expertise in managing and maintaining solid Linux server farms.

How much would it cost your business if you lost your email or website for an hour... a day... or even longer?

Premium, but Affordable Web Hosting

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Highest possible security levels
  • Comprehensive and frequent backups
  • Replication of your website and data to at least one separate physical server
Servers being monitored on an iPhone

Is Rock Solid Web Hosting Important to You? Let's Talk!

We know that in the digital arena, reliable and high performance hosting is an essential component to success. We'd love the opportunity to meet and discuss your requirements and provide you with a proposal.