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Improving the UX of a B2B e-commerce site

Alerta Medical wanted to bring their website up to date by improving the user journey and navigation - which hadn't been updated for a number of years. They also needed to make it easier for companies to become distributors through clearer calls to action and a persuasive page layout.

Working closely with the in-house Marketing Manager, we presented costs for individual changes to specific elements of the website in order to give the client as much flexibility as possible. It was agreed that we wouldn't rebuild the website as the functionality, despite being older in website terms, was perfectly adequate. By making minor design changes and improving the user experience, we were able to deliver a website that looked up-to-date and performed much better, at a fraction of the cost of a new website.

A happy client

Our relationship with our long-standing client Alerta Medical has grown from strength to strength since the launch of the refresh work. We have subsequently been commissioned to build two more new websites for the parent company.

“We have had our website designed, hosted and managed by morphsites for many years and enjoy a strong level of service. Throughout the redesign of our website I was impressed with the communication and responsiveness of both Zara and Rob which helped to deliver a fantastic end result.”

Daniel - Marketing Manager

UX Improvements

Alerta Medical wanted the website navigation menu to be more intuitive while requiring little input from the user. From this we designed a 'mega menu' that showed product categories with a relevant image, as well as their sub-categories.
The menu updates quickly and smoothly as the user hovers over the various menu items, thereby reducing user-required clicks. Additionally, the category image makes it clear to users which category they are viewing, again making for a smoother customer experience.

UX improvements example

Website Refresh

Our developers worked with Alerta Medical to improve the slightly dated layout of some pages and website elements

A new clean look

Further to improving the user experience, a key change was to improve the product page. As this website was originally not an online shop, but rather a place to find product information and where to buy (as well as how to become a distributor), it was constructed as a 'brochure website' being informational rather than transactional.
However over time, the website did begin to display products on it. So working with the client and drawing on our extensive experience designing and building exceptional e-commerce websites, we changed the layout of product pages to be more transactional. This encourages the user to find a distributor and buy, or persuades a business to stock the product.

alerta medical mobile website showcase

Conversion focused pages

A main product image was added to the top of the page accompanied by a brief description. Calls To Action were placed at the top of the page so that anyone wanting to either find a distributor or become one could do so easily.

By reducing the amount of text at the top of the page, we ensured the focus was on the product image. A clear 'Learn More' link allows the user to 'jump' to the relevant detailed product description section. This technique has an SEO advantage in that detailed content can be added to the product page without overloading the user with words.

alerta medical website refresh

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