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Clerksroom are an innovative and award-winning legal services firm. Since its inception in 2001, we have worked closely with their management team to constantly develop and improve Clerksroom's digital systems.

The business now enjoys turnover in excess of £12m per annum, has over 100 staff and 6 web applications, portals and sites.


Automation of manual processes

Clerkroom provide innovative services to the legal sector.

The Challenges

Many businesses strive to disrupt a market, fundamentally changing the way it operates, but few truly reach that goal. It takes rock-solid confidence, vision and belief to accomplish such a feat, not to mention strong partners who understand and support that vision. This is particularly true in the long-standing and conservative industry of law, where tradition and convention hold sway.

From the outset, Clerksroom has constantly challenged this status quo at every opportunity, always asking “why do we do it that way?" to the whole industry - sometimes facing open scepticism and even ridicule!

These challenges have included the concept of a fixed chambers location for administrative staff and barristers, handling of paperwork, booking of cases, finding the right barrister for a case and keeping up with the ever-changing legal landscape as it has caught up with the 21st century.

Clerkroom provide innovative services to the legal sector.

The Solution

We’ve enjoyed every second of the journey so far with Clerksroom and its highly enthusiastic and forward-thinking team.

Working together, we have used our skills in user experience research and design, development and integration to streamline and significantly improve Clerksroom's operational efficiency, customer experience, accuracy and lead generation.

Key projects have included:

  • Development of an online booking portal for legal hearings, allowing law firms to arrange a barrister 24 hours a day, 7 days a week automatically.
  • Integration with remote desktop systems, allowing clerks and barristers to access the information they need from anywhere in the world.
  • Online payment processing and accounts package integration.
  • Automated matching of cases to available barristers with the appropriate expertise.
  • Rollout and promotion of an industry leading portal which provides members of the public with direct access to barristers, without the need to first engage a solicitor.
Clerkroom provide innovative services to the legal sector.

What would similar results mean for your business?

In just the past 24 months, our work with Clerksroom has resulted in the following key accomplishments:


Of manual processes automated


Staff hours saved per month


Increase in service capacity

"It has been critical to the success of Clerksroom that we have had a group of trusted partners we could rely on to help us deliver. I cannot recommend morphsites highly enough."

Stephen Ward - Managing Director

Clerksroom Managing Director, Stephen Ward

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