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Building an enterprise B2B e-commerce platform in a specialist industry

From humble beginnings to a rewarding future, PenCarrie have taken the wholesale clothing industry by storm. Starting with just one brand and a 12-page catalogue of simple hand drawings, they have become industry-leading wholesale garment distributors.

But with every business, continual growth is crucial. The question is, how do you improve when your business has already accomplished so much? How do you continue to produce new features and new ideas that address the ever-changing needs of your clients and surpass their expectations?

The PenCarrie Journey

PenCarrie supply garment decorators and branded workwear companies who need quick, easy-to-order garments and accurate delivery times. PenCarrie provide just that and more, supporting the success of their customers and nurturing their growth.

With their forward-thinking mindset, PenCarrie wanted to build a product that would help their customers boost enquiries and create sleek, seamless experiences for the buyer. That would mean bringing in a team of well-versed engineers to create software they could effortlessly supply to their customers – a product that would help their customers do all the above. PenCarrie didn’t hesitate to get our developers on board.

PenCarrie had already built a strong relationship with us at morphsites. Flash back a few years to when they wanted to take their website from stagnant to strategic. We teamed with them to completely rework their 100% bespoke back-office system and create a website that spoke to their customers. After undertaking a complex UX discovery, our team at morphsites began augmenting all the possibilities, working with PenCarrie’s IT department to make the seemingly impossible possible.

Flash forward a few years, and the PenCarrie morphsites relationship is still going strong. So when it came to building a new product that would completely change the game for their customers, they knew who to turn to. And our team of developers were up for the challenge.

See the complete Full Collection Pro project here.

Customised web development

How can you create software that works uniquely for each user? That was the challenge our developers were up against whilst working with PenCarrie. But our team jumped on the task and helped them develop Full Collection Pro. This ingenious software allows wholesalers to create a customised catalogue that not only integrates with their site but also makes the buying process effortless.

And in just a few weeks from product launch, users commented on how they are noticing an influx of buyers after integrating Full Collection Pro.

Seamless integration

To make it as easy as possible for their users, PenCarrie envisioned a tool that would fit into the pocket of all their customers, no matter who they are. They knew that if their product was complicated or didn’t mould well with their customers’ current website, it wouldn’t serve its intended purpose.

Thankfully, seamless integrations come second nature to our talented team of developers! So they took on the task of constructing a SaaS platform that can be easily embedded into an existing website or act as a stand-alone site. They made it so it would function in whatever way the user needed it to, making it super simple to add to their already up-and-running website.

Find out how web integration works for businesses like yours.

User-focused design

PenCarrie have always focused on creating the best experience for their customers. Because of their deep understanding of the challenges businesses face, they work hard to make sure they always put their customers first.

That mindset bodes well with us at morphsites. Our UX designers and developers made sure all PenCarrie’s customers’ needs were met. That meant ensuring Full Collection Pro was easy to set up and integrate for the customer and that their clients would receive the best experience. And after hearing the feedback from PenCarrie’s happy customers, we are grateful to have been part of their UX journey.

Bring your narrative to life

With Full Collection Pro, PenCarrie’s customers have been able to help their clients:

  • Increase their inquiries
  • Streamline their customer experience
  • Create multiple sites for various audiences
  • Seamlessly embed their catalogue into their website

As a result, PenCarrie have strengthened client bonds and increased both their clients’ sales and their own, contributing to their ongoing mission and values.

Your story. Our reality.

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We’re no strangers to building award-winning, investment-ready platforms. From pioneering small-scale projects to constructing expansive online systems, we have designed and developed unique, custom websites and solutions that have revolutionised how our clients do business online. We apply our innovation and expertise to help you realise your business goals and start building a future for your business.

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