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Branding and promoting a Barrister online

Roderick Moore is a highly experienced and reliable barrister with a specialist practice. We originally built his website in morphsites early days which reliably served its purpose without need for any changes for years. However, as with all technology and websites, the design started to show its age and the time came to 'spruce it up'

The website is built on our custom built and reliable CMS (content management system) called morphCMS. As in the case of Roderick Moore, the website functioned exactly as it was built for many years. However, while the technology that powered the website did not falter, changes in user behaviour and advances in the technologies that display websites (iPhones, Android and tablets) caused the website to look and feel dated. Built before websites needed to dynamically adapt and resize to fit an unlimited number of screen sizes in both portrait and landscape, it felt and looked old and was no longer easy to use on smaller devices.

Roderick Moore approached us with their desire to upgrade their website to better represent Roderick and his excellent reputation.

Delivering excellent value

We work with an ethos of cooperation and view our working relationships with our clients as a partnership. This means we will find the best value option for each client we work with. After discussing the client's needs and what they wanted to achieve, it became clear that we didn't need to upgrade the core website code itself and we could actually refresh the website design and add additional functianlity without charging to rebuild the entire website.

A unique design

Our in-house design team created a totally unique visual concept that pushed the boundaries and resulted in the use of some stunning and bold visual patterns across the website. This use of abstract and bold designs has really contributed to making sure Roderick Moore is set apart from the competition in an industry that is somewhat hesitant to question the norm and embrace new technologies.

Unique design example

Who? Why? Contact! Smooth navigation

A no-frills, easy to understand navigation was required to show 'Who' Roderick Moore is, 'Why' you should instruct him, 'What' his expertise is and 'How' to contact his practice. The navigation was redesigned to guide users to the information they need in as few steps as possible with minimal effort required.

Roderick moore website why page

Services, Services, Services

A secondary navigation system was designed to present the main service categories on the homepage. The services module was designed to present users with the next service at the bottom of all services pages. This improved user journey allows the user to continue browsing the website in a logical way without having to scroll up and down and look for the next page.

Roderick moore what page

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