Not all hosts are created equal

Choose our managed shared hosting platform, featuring:

  • Fully owned server hardware in two top tier UK datacentres.
  • Real-time database replication across multiple physical servers.
  • Website replication to failover backup servers.
  • Twice daily backups to three separate physical locations.

Or, a custom cloud server environment tailored to your exact requirements and fully managed by us.

Does it matter where I host my website?

If your website matters to your business, then choosing the right host will be critical to your business success.

It may be tempting to cut costs by using a high volume, low cost provider, but such environments are not well-suited to mission critical websites. Often, hundreds (or even thousands) of websites share a single physical server, that might be simultaneously providing web, database and email services! It only takes one user to upload some compromised code, and every site suffers. Sometimes cheap hosting packages don't even include backups.

What will it cost your business if your website is offline for an hour, a day, or even more?

No host can guarantee 100% uptime. It's critically important to have comprehensive backup routines, redundant failover hardware and low-population environments, since these can make a dramatic difference to the time it takes to get back online after a failure.


We have highly skilled Linux server administrators in-house, monitoring and maintaining our extensive hosting environment. 

We do not rely solely on third-party support queues and we don't use control panel systems to manage our servers. We build and manage our environments from the ground up using command line tools and scripts written in-house.

We have physical access to our own equipment 24/7 and can rapidly be on site at either of our UK datacentres to correct any critical issues. Remote KVM systems allow our engineers to completely manage our servers from any location.

We are able to fully tailor a hosting environment to your needs, including 24/7 SLAs, should you require it.


A server support engineer works with a customer out of hours to resolve an issue

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