Our Team

You haven't seen the half of us...

  • Pete Fairburn
    Pete Fairburn Managing Director

    Pete Fairburn MCSE

    Pete is a co-founder of morphsites and has responsibility for ensuring we meet customer expectations and deliver excellence as standard.

  • David Hurst
    David Hurst Director

    David Hurst ZCE

    David is a co-founder of morphsites, and has responsibility for ensuring the company meets its business objectives.

  • Chris Holsgrove
    Chris Holsgrove Business Development Executive

    Chris Holsgrove

    Chris looks after new business opportunities, particularly for our paid search department.

  • Rob Saunders
    Rob Saunders Account Manager

    Rob Saunders

    In addition to being a Google Qualified Individual trained in all aspects of Digital Marketing, Rob looks after customer accounts and helps manage their projects.

  • Dan Drummond
    Dan Drummond Head of Paid Search

    Dan Drummond

    Dan oversees paid advertising campaign strategy and management for our clients. He is a Google Qualified Individual.

  • Chloe Judge
    Chloe Judge UX Specialist

    Chloe Judge

    Chloe performs a critical role in shaping user experience journeys and ensuring adherence to best practice.

  • Zara Aitken
    Zara Aitken Content Creator

    Zara Aitken

    Zara is responsible for copywriting and content creation for our clients.

  • Claire Richards
    Claire Richards Communications Manager

    Claire Richards BA (Hons)

    Claire handles marketing communications for morphsites and for our clients.

  • Stuart Wild
    Stuart Wild Head of Digital Marketing

    Stuart Wild FdA

    Stuart oversees organic advertising campaign strategy and management for our clients. He is a Google Qualified Individual.

  • Dori Opitz
    Dori Opitz Digital Marketing Specialist

    Dori Opitz BA (Hons)

    Dori manages Google Adwords accounts for our paid search customers.

  • Ethan Fairburn
    Ethan Fairburn Digital Marketing Assistant

    Ethan Fairburn

    Ethan works in all areas of Digital Marketing and Paid Search. Ethan is a Google Qualified Individual.

  • Lucas Huxtable
    Lucas Huxtable Lead Creative

    Lucas Huxtable BA (Hons)

    Lucas is a key member of our senior design team, lending his creative flair to branding and digital design pieces.

  • Peter Day
    Peter Day Senior Designer

    Peter Day

    Peter is an experienced and talented digital designer who has been instrumental in shaping our design ethos.

  • Luke Pledger
    Luke Pledger Designer

    Luke Pledger BA (Hons)

    Luke has experience with digital design, and 3D modelling.

  • Courtney Wilkins
    Courtney Wilkins Studio Manager

    Courtney Wilkins

    Courtney provides an essential link between our customers and our production team, scheduling projects and providing updates to clients.

  • Steve Hurst
    Steve Hurst Development Director

    Steve Hurst ZCE

    Steve ensures we remain at the cutting edge of technology and oversees our busy development team.

  • Adam Hardwick
    Adam Hardwick Senior Developer

    Adam Hardwick BSc (Hons)

    Adam is a highly experienced software engineer with a wealth of coding experience.

  • Rob Savage
    Rob Savage Senior Developer

    Rob Savage

    Rob is an experienced PHP/MySQL developer who works predominantly on our car leasing software platforms.

  • Chris Ware
    Chris Ware Developer

    Chris Ware

    Chris is one of our skilled back-end developers, working across a wide range of customer projects.

  • Jordan Morphew
    Jordan Morphew Developer

    Jordan Morphew ZCE

    An experienced Zend Certified PHP developer, Jordan provides essential support development & training to our clients.

  • Kieron Marr
    Kieron Marr Front End Developer

    Kieron Marr BSc (Hons)

    Kieron is an experienced front-end developer responsible for translating visual designs into responsive HTML pages.

  • Edward Munn
    Edward Munn Front End Developer

    Edward Munn

    Edward is an experienced front-end developer responsible for translating visual designs into responsive HTML pages.

  • Tom Pinkett
    Tom Pinkett Front End Developer

    Tom Pinkett

    Tom is an experienced front-end developer responsible for translating visual designs into responsive HTML pages.

  • Jeff Caulfield
    Jeff Caulfield Technical Director

    Jeff Caulfield CET

    Jeff is a qualified engineer and a skilled developer. He oversees our server infrastructure whilst working on our more technical projects.

  • Jonathan Ely
    Jonathan Ely QA & Testing Technician

    Jonathan Ely

    Jonathan tests our work on a variety of different devices to ensure a consistent user experience.

  • Marie Young
    Marie Young Administrative Assistant

    Marie Young

    Marie takes care of reception and hospitality, along with other essential admin support tasks.

  • Lesley Pinkett
    Lesley Pinkett Administrative Assistant

    Lesley Pinkett

    Lesley provides administrative support across the business, and takes care of hospitality for our visiting clients.

  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown Operations Director

    Kevin Brown

    Kevin is responsible for the operational and internal management of morphsites.

  • Lee Dalwood
    Lee Dalwood Commercial Manager

    Lee Dalwood

    Lee oversees many of the commercial and financial aspects of the business.

  • Fred Brant
    Fred Brant General Manager

    Fred Brant

    Fred is responsible for the day-to-day management of key projects and customer relationships.

  • Nat Tulloch
    Nat Tulloch Senior Project Manager

    Nat Tulloch

    A vastly experienced project manager, Nat looks after our biggest and most mission-critical project work.

  • Daniel Hurst
    Daniel Hurst Finance Director

    Daniel Hurst FCCA

    Daniel is a highly experienced accountant and financial director, responsible for our financial planning and compliance.

  • Shannon Murphy
    Shannon Murphy Accountant

    Shannon Murphy MAAT AATQB

    Shannon is responsible for keeping our books and reporting on financial matters to the Directors.