Our Team

We are morphsites

  • Fred Brant
    Fred Brant Projects Director

    Fred Brant

    Fred is responsible for the day-to-day management of key projects and customer relationships.

  • Claire Richards
    Claire Richards Project Manager

    Claire Richards BA (Hons)

    Claire works closely with our clients right from the start of the relationship and is committed to ensuring that projects run smoothly.

  • Nat Tulloch
    Nat Tulloch Senior Project Manager

    Nat Tulloch

    A vastly experienced project manager, Nat looks after our biggest and most mission-critical project work.

  • Rob Saunders
    Rob Saunders Senior Client Manager

    Rob Saunders

    Rob looks after customer accounts and helps manage their projects. Rob is a Google Qualified Individual and LRT Associate.

  • Chris Holsgrove
    Chris Holsgrove Business Development Executive

    Chris Holsgrove

    Chris looks after new business opportunities, particularly for our paid search department.

  • Zara Aitken
    Zara Aitken Business Support Team Leader

    Zara Aitken

    Zara leads the Business Support Team which supports the needs of our customers and the business.

  • Chloe Judge
    Chloe Judge Business Support Assistant

    Chloe Judge

    Chloe performs a critical role in shaping user experience journeys and ensuring adherence to best practice.

  • Lesley Pinkett
    Lesley Pinkett Business Support Assistant

    Lesley Pinkett

    Lesley provides administrative support across the business, and takes care of hospitality for our visiting clients.

  • Marie Young
    Marie Young Business Support Assistant

    Marie Young

    Marie takes care of reception and hospitality, along with other essential admin support tasks.

  • Dan Drummond
    Dan Drummond Head of Paid Search

    Dan Drummond

    Dan oversees paid advertising campaign strategy and management for our clients. He is a Google Qualified Individual.

  • Dori Opitz
    Dori Opitz Paid Search Specialist

    Dori Opitz BA (Hons)

    Dori manages Google Adwords accounts for our paid search customers.

  • Ethan Fairburn
    Ethan Fairburn Paid Search Assistant

    Ethan Fairburn

    Ethan is a Google Qualified Individual and supports the paid search team.

  • Courtney Wilkins
    Courtney Wilkins Studio Manager

    Courtney Wilkins

    Courtney provides an essential link between our customers and our production team, scheduling projects and providing updates to clients.

  • Lucas Huxtable
    Lucas Huxtable Creative Director

    Lucas Huxtable BA (Hons)

    Lucas is responsible for our design team, lending his creative flair to branding and digital design pieces.

  • Peter Day
    Peter Day Senior Designer

    Peter Day

    Peter is an experienced and talented digital designer who has been instrumental in shaping our design ethos.

  • Luke Pledger
    Luke Pledger Designer

    Luke Pledger BA (Hons)

    Luke has experience with digital design, and 3D modelling.

  • Jeff Caulfield
    Jeff Caulfield Technical Director

    Jeff Caulfield CET

    Jeff is a qualified engineer and a skilled developer. He oversees our server infrastructure whilst working on our more technical projects.

  • Steve Hurst
    Steve Hurst Development Director

    Steve Hurst ZCE

    Steve ensures we remain at the cutting edge of technology and oversees our busy development team.

  • Adam Hardwick
    Adam Hardwick Senior Developer

    Adam Hardwick BSc (Hons)

    Adam is a highly experienced software engineer with a wealth of coding experience.

  • Rob Savage
    Rob Savage Senior Developer

    Rob Savage

    Rob is an experienced PHP/MySQL developer who works predominantly on our car leasing software platforms.

  • Chris Ware
    Chris Ware Developer

    Chris Ware

    Chris is one of our skilled developers, working across a wide range of customer projects.

  • Kieron Marr
    Kieron Marr Developer

    Kieron Marr BSc (Hons)

    Kieron is an experienced lead developer responsible for translating visual designs into responsive HTML pages.

  • Tom Pinkett
    Tom Pinkett Developer

    Tom Pinkett

    Tom is an experienced developer responsible for translating visual designs into responsive HTML pages.

  • Jordan Morphew
    Jordan Morphew Developer

    Jordan Morphew ZCE

    An experienced Zend Certified PHP developer, Jordan provides essential support development & training to our clients.

  • Edward Munn
    Edward Munn Developer

    Edward Munn

    Edward is an experienced developer responsible for translating visual designs into responsive HTML pages.

  • Jonathan Ely
    Jonathan Ely Senior Testing Technician

    Jonathan Ely

    Jonathan tests our work on a variety of different devices to ensure a consistent user experience.

  • Daniel Hurst
    Daniel Hurst Finance Director

    Daniel Hurst FCCA

    Daniel is a highly experienced accountant and financial director, responsible for our financial planning and compliance.

  • Lee Dalwood
    Lee Dalwood Financial Manager

    Lee Dalwood

    Lee oversees many of the commercial and financial aspects of the business.

  • Shannon Murphy
    Shannon Murphy Accountant

    Shannon Murphy MAAT AATQB

    Shannon is responsible for keeping our books and reporting on financial matters to the Directors.

  • Stuart Wild
    Stuart Wild Marketing Manager

    Stuart Wild FdA

    Stuart is responsible for marketing for morphsites helping to grow our people and our business.

  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown Operations Director

    Kevin Brown

    Kevin is responsible for the operational and internal management of morphsites.

  • Pete Fairburn
    Pete Fairburn Managing Director

    Pete Fairburn MCSE

    Pete is a co-founder of morphsites and has responsibility for ensuring we meet customer expectations and deliver excellence as standard.

  • David Hurst
    David Hurst Director

    David Hurst ZCE

    David is a co-founder of morphsites, and has responsibility for ensuring the company meets its business objectives.