A new way to advertise your products to those who are "ready to buy"

eBay is an online marketplace with a massive reach across 37 shopping categories which generates £23bn every quarter.

The decline of the high street has escalated the switch to eBay for choice and value. In Q1 of 2019 - 66% of the UK online population visited ebay with over 32 million unique visitors each month.

What's changed?

Until recently eBay offered no advanced advertising solution unless you had an eBay store. eBay have always run the Google display network which enabled advertisers to show some ads on its platform but with 3 huge disadvantages:

  • You have no control over where on eBay your adverts would show.
  • Your ads are competeting with hundreds of thousands of advertisers for the same space.
  • Because you're competing with lots of advertisers for limited space the advertising costs are much higher.

How do the new eBay ads work?

eBay have built their own advertising display network across their platform to replace Google's display ad network. This has the following benefits for advertisers:

  • You now have complete control over where on eBay your adverts show up.
  • You can show adverts based on actual eBay shopper searches.
  • Your ads are competing with little or no advertisers for this premium space.
  • Advertising costs are much, much, lower as you are cutting out the middleman - Google - and paying eBay direct for advertising space.

eBay category opportunities

ebay ads for baby products

Show adverts to anyone searching for baby-related products on eBay.

Ebay baby stats

eBay ads for business, office & industrial products and services

Show adverts to anyone searching for business, office and industrial services.

Business Office and Industrial Ebay

eBay ads for cars, motorcycles & vehicles

Show adverts to anyone searching for automotive vehicles, parts or accessories on eBay.

Ebay baby stats

eBay ads for clothes, shoes and accessories

Show adverts to anyone searching for clothes, shoes and accessory related products on eBay.

Clothes Shoes & Accessories

eBay ads for computers tablets and networking

Show adverts to anyone searching for computers tablets and networking related products on eBay.

Computers, tablets and networking

eBay ads for garden & patio

Show adverts to anyone searching for garden and patio related products on eBay.

Garden & patio

eBay ads for health & beauty

Show adverts to anyone searching for health and beauty products on eBay.

Health and beauty

eBay ads for home, furniture and DIY

Show adverts to anyone searching for home furniture and DIY related products on eBay.

Home, furniture and DIY

Make the most of this exciting new opportunity

eBay has only recently made its display ad portal live and relatively few advertisers are aware of its existence. By joining the eBay platform early you can benefit from the following:

  • Take advantage of low advertising costs while they are still low.
  • Huge opportunites to dominate entire category searches with your brand.
  • Show your ads at the point people are ready to buy.


eBay advertising costs

eBay works on a cost per 1000 impressions basis rather than cost per click. So at the moment it's very economical at around £5 per 1000 impressions to show your advertising. If your advert was relevant to the target audience and had a click through rate of just 2%, this would work out at 20 clicks for around 25p per click. 

  • eBay's minimum ad spend per month is £50
  • Because morphsites are now an eBay Partner we offer our clients a 15% discount on advertising costs.
  • Our management fee would be based on the time it takes for us to create and manage individual campaigns for you depending on your requirements.

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