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Statamic CMS

Want a website that is custom-built but easy to maintain? Then Statamic may just be the right platform for you. Our experienced developers can assist you in building a stunning website from the ground up – one that looks good on the outside and functions seamlessly from within.

What is Statamic?

Statamic is a type of content management system (CMS) that is easy to use and visually simple. It’s lightweight, efficient, and comes with a super user-friendly control panel for managing content and running your site. It’s great if you would like to get developers on board to build a unique site while being able to manage and control features yourself.

Basically, Statamic gives you the best of both worlds: a beautiful bespoke website that, once live, can be managed independently.

Why use Statamic

We’re not tied to any one CMS. But Statamic really ticks all the boxes. Once your site is live, you can use Statamic easily to load content or make changes on your site – no need to understand HTML or know how to code.

It’s flexible, user-friendly, and easy to navigate, giving you and your team the independence to crack on and get end results.

Top 3 Benefits of using Statamic

  • Flexibility. Statamic is super flexible and allows you to upload a range of content. You can structure content according to your needs without being tied to rigid database schemas.

  • Performance. Since Statamic generates static files, websites built with it typically have fast loading times and efficient performance.

  • User Experience. The user-friendly control panel of Statamic makes content management and site administration intuitive for both developers and content editors.

Disadvantages of using Statamic

  • Learning curve. If you are used to traditional CMS platforms, you may need a little bit of time to familiarise yourself with its flat-file structure and templating system.

  • Limited ecosystem. Compared to more popular CMS platforms, Statamic has a smaller ecosystem of plugins. This might make finding specific features or solutions challenging.

  • You need a developer. Statamic is fantastic for building bespoke websites, but you can’t do it alone. You’ll need a team of developers who can work with you to build your site.

Statamic vs WordPress

As we say, at morphsites we're not tied to any particular CMS, and we certainly aren't going to knock one over another. But as we often get asked about WordPress, here are 2 key differences:

  • Built-in features. Both CMS platforms offer extensive capabilities, but the key difference lies in how they handle add-ons. With Statamic, you won't really need additional plugins because most functionalities are already built into the core features. This eliminates the need to search for and worry about compatibility issues with third-party plugins.

  • Consistency. WordPress has undergone numerous iterations over the years, resulting in various approaches to website development, which can sometimes be confusing. In contrast, Statamic sites maintain a consistent structure, making it easy to navigate from one to another without getting lost.

Our team will be there to help you make a success of your online platform. Have a chat with us to find out more about our bespoke development team.

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What our web development clients say

Grow online sales

We worked closely with Coombe Farm Organic to launch an organic food and drink brand, helping them to accelerate from £0 to £100,000+ revenue per month within 2.5 years!

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Dorset Vehicle Rentals

We were tasked to increase bookings and re-engineer an existing online booking system to challenge national competitors.

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Outrank the competition

First Vehicle Leasing maintains a high rank on Google, giving them a 30% increase in conversion rates across all channels in this highly competitive digital space.

Launching an innovative product to market and delivering sales

How do you get architects and construction professionals to change to more eco-friendly and efficient building materials? With an informative and easy to use website.

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Your Statamic web development agency

Want a bespoke site that does everything you need it to?

Backed by a wealth of technical expertise and experience, our full-stack web development team is equipped to handle projects of any scale with confidence. We offer the expertise, tools, and insights necessary to elevate your business and differentiate you from competitors, using Statamic to create a website tailored to the needs of your users.

Just as one appreciates a finely tailored suit, why settle for anything less than a website tailored to perfection? Whether you have a specific platform in mind for customisation or prefer to start from scratch, our team can accommodate your preferences. Reach out to us today and discover how bespoke web development can revolutionise your business.

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SEO agency services

Your website competes with hundreds of others online. But with our SEO services, you will get all the help you need to rank higher on Google.

With our expertise in on-page and off-page SEO, backlinks, technical optimisation and more, you can get your business seen on Google and Bing in Somerset, nationally, or even globally.


It's essential to evaluate your specific business needs, resources, and goals to determine if Statamic is the right choice for your website. Consider your long-term goals for your website. If scalability, performance, and ease of maintenance are priorities, Statamic's static file generation and efficient performance may align well with your objectives. Consulting with our web development team can also provide valuable insights and guidance in making a decision.

Statamic is a flat-file CMS system with reduced chance of database errors. It has a modern codebase incorporating up-to-date security standards, and you’ll get strong support from both Statamic developers and general community users.

To sum it up, bespoke web development is a way of creating utterly unique programs, sites, and systems that fit your specific requirements. While using pre-made templates on WordPress or other management platforms like WIX and Squarespace can make it easier to design your website, they can limit creative freedom and prevent you from building a site that is tailored to your customers. But with bespoke web development, you get a completely personalised website unique to you. No limitations, no boundaries.

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Thinking about a WordPress site?

WordPress is one of the best known website platforms available. Whilst it has many strengths, it's not always the best fit for every business. Why not speak to us first for an honest appraisal of the best platform for your business needs?

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