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What is Statamic CMS - and why we use it

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Greg Pankiewicz

Statamic logo

Is the Statamic CMS any good?

Content Management Systems are like your kids.
You shouldn't have a favourite as they're all different with their varied traits. But deep down, you actually do like one of the little ankle biters more than the rest!

Now, we're not tied to anyone one particular CMS. We've created a couple of our own as well as employing Wordpress and others.
But that doesn't mean we don't have our favourites... and Statamic is rapidly becoming one of them.

Statamic logo

What is Statamic?

Statamic is an easy to use and visually simple CMS based around the larger Laravel and PHP ecosystem.
The first part of that sentence may appeal to you but the second part should too. Here's why.

Statamic is great for content loading

Probably most readers of this article will be end users. By that we mean you may be in marketing or web content management.
What matters to you? A CMS that is easy to use but flexible enough to publish your content in the way you want. And it needs to quickly link in to the rest of your site.
Statamic has a clear dashboard and hierachy. Sure, like all CMS', the odd thing may not be immediately intuitive, but scratch your head for a couple of minutes and you'll probably work it out.
You don't need knowledge of HTML (hypertext markup language) or be able to write code to use it, making it ideal for client side projects. As a full CMS it offers drag and drop components, making web design and digital content creation easy.

Screenshot of Statamic dashboard

Is Statamic better than Wordpress?

As we said, at morphsites we're not tied to any particular CMS and certainly aren't going to knock one over another. But as we often get asked about Wordpress, here's some key differences:

  • Built in features. You can do anything on either CMS but the main difference is that Statamic requires no plugins for most sites. Everything you will probably ever need is part of the core features, meaning no sourcing 3rd part plugins and then wondering if they'll work properly.
  • Consistency. Wordpress have evolved over many years meaning there can be a number of ways to build a site, which can lead to confusion. Statamic sites are all similarly structured meaning you can jump from one to another and know exactly where to start
  • Custom functionality. Similar to the above point, because Statamic is based on Laravel backend framework you can build custom websites as you want.

In summary, Statamic was designed to create bespoke websites whereas Wordpress has grown over many years out what was originallly a simple blog/informational format, with all the legacy issues that go along with that.

wordpress logo

Statamic, Laravel and PHP

For the more technically-minded, you'll want to know that Statamic is part of the large Laravel ecosystem with its associated benefits.
And for the not-so-technical, the end result is the same.
Statamic is based on the long standing programming language PHP, meaning there's a huge number of open source and paid packages available.
It also means that if the not inconsiderable out-the-box features don't do everything you need, a decent Statamic developer (look no further) will be able to design and develop what you want (within reason of course!) and then drop it in to Statamic.

Other Statamic advantages

We won't go into every facet of it here but in brief some other reasons we like Statamic are:

  • Flat file system with reduced chance of database errors
  • Modern codebase incorporating up to date security standards
  • Strong support from both Statamic developers and general community users.

Still not sure? Why not get in touch and we'd be happy to give you some advice

statamic development agency uk
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Greg Pankiewicz

Project Manager

I help manage our clients project's from start to finish. When I'm not busy talking too much, you can find me with my ridiculously small dog or tinkering in my garage on my car collection.

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