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How to level up your digital marketing strategy

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Eloise Blower

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Learning about the best SEO and digital marketing practices is vital for your business, but it can be a challenge. Most of us would start by heading to Google, and maybe we would go ahead and search “Best SEO practices for my business.”

But that’s just it. SO MANY articles fill the search results, leaving you with the task of sifting through a jungle of information that might not be right for your business.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had all the information – the right  information – handed to you without having to search for it?

Better yet, wouldn’t it be nice if you got digital marketing advice you could easily understand?

UWE (The University of the West of England) thought the exact same thing. What did they do? Well, instead of relying on generic Google searches, they got morphsites on board with our SEO and digital marketing workshop. They had our knowledgeable digital marketing team come to their door with a course crafted to help businesses in the region understand and implement the best SEO and digital advertising strategies.

morphsites’ digital marketing workshop

The ‘Digital Skills’ workshop is presented by our DM team’s Dan Drummond, Stuart Wild, and Matt Chetter. Dan Drummond and Stuart Wild have worked together for 7 years at morphsites. Together, they have built and managed over 100 digital marketing strategies for clients across diverse sectors in the UK and internationally, so they know what works.

Within the workshop, course attendees can ask questions about what they learn. They can get involved with practical exercises that enhance their learning and understanding of SEO and digital marketing.

“The training has taken me from a very basic understanding to being able to understand what I need to do to apply these techniques for our company.”

–  Workshop attendee from UWE

What is the aim of the workshop, and how does it benefit businesses in the UK?

The aim of the workshop is to share our expertise in an engaging and informative way, helping small-medium sized businesses like yours understand the deeper side of SEO. Rather than you having to browse search results to come to a not-so-sure conclusion, we want you to be confident in what you have learnt. That way, you can start implementing the best SEO and digital marketing strategies.

At a top level, our workshop helps attendees understand why SEO is important, how to measure SEO performance on their website and, most importantly, how to improve their digital marketing efforts.

Attendees at UWE stated that they “have a more complete understanding of what SEO is” and are now able to put what they have learnt into practice and “improve the organic ranking” of their website when creating their own SEO and marketing strategy.

“It was very engaging and super useful. I’m looking forward to implementing what I have learnt.”

–  Workshop attendee from UWE

With this tailored digital marketing course, you will receive in-depth training and applicable action guides that will help you and your employees grow and transform your business. Not only will it help you set up a digital marketing game plan, but you will be able to see the results of organic growth and how digital advertising can help boost your revenue.

Join the digital marketing workshop

We highly recommend you do all you can to increase your and your employees’ understanding of how to enhance your SEO and digital marketing plan. And while you can spend time searching the web and informing the rest of your staff, you’ll save time and effort having our passionate, knowledgeable SEO and digital marketing experts at your service.

Learn more about the workshop here.

Curious to see what the workshop could do for you and your business?

Then contact us today. We will be able to answer any questions or queries you have about the course and whether it would be a good fit for your business.

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Eloise Blower


Tea-drinking wordsmith by day, wine-drinking bookworm by night. I'd like to say I spend my free time hiking or baking banana bread, but in reality, you'll find me on the sofa binge-watching shows on Netflix.

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