The Only Technophobe in the Office!

I have the privilege, nay, the honour of being the oldest person in the office - you know, that age where policemen really do look younger (and a teensy bit scrummy); and where you find out that your child's teacher is almost half your age.

Any of you nodding your heads in agreement whilst reading this? 

I have to say that I was surprised and rather amazed to be taken on board at morphsites a little over 12 months ago. This is down to the fact that I have very little technical knowledge of this industry and frankly didn't expect to develop any at this stage of my working life. 

What I do have though, is utter child-like excitement in learning new things and the enthusiasm and passion to make whatever it is work. I've learnt so much in the last year, just by constantly building on the knowledge and experience I've been gaining.

The thing is, you don't need to know all about computers to get enjoyment out of using them and making them work for you.

I was explaining to a lady in her eighties that if she wanted to keep in touch with friends via email, then just learn the path for that function. Write each stage down. Then if you want to take a new path, maybe to access playback TV, then let someone show you what to do and write each stage of the path down.

Getting to grips with content management systems

You may want to modernise your business with a website you can content manage yourself but you may not consider yourself technically minded. Don't worry! Our content management systems have been designed in such a way that anyone can use them. Just learn the path that takes you there.

What's more, we provide the training you need and we can write each stage down for you in non-techy language that you feel comfortable with.

Editing photos to get best results

I love taking photos and yet have always been against the thought of manipulating images to 'improve' them, but my view of this has changed considerably since seeing the guys at work here! I wanna do it too! Obviously you need a good image to start with, but with just a few subtle tweaks here and there, your image can go from looking good to amazing!

So I'm going to find someone very patient in the office to take me through a few Photoshop functions to help me prepare photos for new website projects, and then when at home, follow the same paths to improve my own photos. Be assured I'll be scribbling each stage down furiously!
Again - I don't need to know all about Photoshop to use a few of the functions - just the pathways to the specific few I may need. I can build on this knowledge later. I'll let you know how I get on.

Now to find a patient tech-guy...I wonder where they've all gone?

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