A Year in the Life of a morphsites Apprentice

I’ve been scouring the very depths of human knowledge (also known as google) trying to figure out how to create a blog that’s both knowledgeable and insightful, with just the right amount of quirkiness to stop people falling asleep. Unfortunately the depths of human knowledge are limited on this subject as no two websites agree on the same thing. So, I will just have to make it up as I go along.

I have been asked to prepare a blog on my first year as the one and only apprentice working at morphsites. This will be no easy task as a lot has happened over the past year. So in order to open my first ever blog post (that’s right - even though I am clearly an excellent and skilful blogger, and you no doubt thought that I have done many blogs in the past, this is my first ever blog!) I will start off as with most great literature...at the beginning.

Around June of last year (2012), I had just finished my final GCSEs and finally left the dull grey prison known to parents and outsiders as 'secondary school'. Many people have always told me to cherish my school days as they would be some of my best memories. Based upon my experience of 5 years of secondary school, this filled me with dread. If secondary school was to be the place in which my happiest memories resided, what would I be in for now that I was in the ‘real world’?

A Rustlers Microwave Burger
Secondary School: Not as exciting as it looks...

Having finally finished my schooling, I started preparing to head out into the big bad world. I had an apprenticeship lined up at the accountancy department of a large and well known clothing retailer, so now all I had to do was find a suitable college where I could further my education and gain the necessary qualifications my intended career path required. Satisfied that everything was going smoothly I relaxed and enjoyed my last ever summer holiday. That was when it happened. With just over a month to go, my apprenticeship fell through. What next? I hadn't put a backup plan into place as the apprenticeship was supposedly a sure thing. What would I do?

About a month later I was offered a cleaning job for two hours every Friday evening at a small company in Ilminster. In desperate need of some dough I gratefully accepted. Although I didn’t know it yet, this humble cleaning job would only be the first stepping stone. Before long I was offered a small part time job looking after the accounts on the Friday and then cleaning in the evening. I explained that this would be brilliant, but that I had no training or experience with accounts as I had only just left school. I needn't have worried, as it was explained to me that I would receive full training and plenty of time to develop. I was ecstatic! Not only had they offered me the type of work I had hoped to work an apprenticeship in, I was going to be trained as well!

I had been doing this job for a few months when one day I was called in for a meeting. To be quite honest, I was terrified. I feared that I had been doing a terrible job and that I wasn't going to be with the company much longer. Entering the meeting room I sat down, trying not to shake with nervousness. That’s when I was offered what I can only describe as my dream job. An apprenticeship! Not only doing accounts which I loved but also learning a whole new set of skills including photography, content loading and videography. Thankfully, I managed to control my excitement and stay calm. Somehow I avoided doing a backflip off the table, screaming hysterically, and neither did I faint from happiness. All in all I would say that I handled the situation very maturely and to reward myself, after I got home that evening I proceeded to celebrate with a happy meal from McDonalds.

Finally the day arrived that I had been anticipating with both nerves and excitement. It was Monday the third of September 2012. (It all seems so far away now). I was readying myself for my first proper day as a 'working woman’ [Not to be confused with 'working girl', ED]. Millions of questions swirled around inside my head. What would I do? Who would I meet? Would I do a good job?

I had no reason to be nervous! Everyone at morphsites was very friendly and made me feel welcome. I had my tasks explained to me and I soon settled in. I cannot recall much of what happened that first day apart from the fact that it all passed by in a blur. And now here I am a whole year later - how time has flown! I have learned so many new skills since starting my apprenticeship and have enjoyed every second of it so far. I hope to continue in my development both of skills and abilities, and in my dealings with others, now and in the future.

So that was my first blog. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you didn't at least it’s always a good way to nod off if you’re having trouble sleeping.

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