We have a new Chloe...

The morphsites team has expanded considerably over the past two years, and we're pleased to introduce the latest addition to our hardcore elite: Chloe Willis, our new Administrative Assistant.

Chloe has worked variously in an eclectic mix of teaching, sales and admin roles. Logical or not, the contrast in disciplines has proved valuable, and has resulted in great people skills having worked their way into Chloe's comfort zone. She is a definite fan of balancing her unending enthusiasm with tight organisation, and we're excited to bring this happy mix to morphsites HQ.

Chloe will be working in many areas of the business: operational; customer-facing, and; coffee drinking. We'll be getting her "hands-on" with projects (and a fresh mug of our delicious coffee) very soon.

Chloe slurping Starbucks
David Hurst Posted by David Hurst on

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