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From its European manufacturing facilities, Lowa produces some of finest outdoor walking boots in the world, receiving critical acclaim from climbers, mountaineers, hikers and the press alike.

Established in 1923, Lowa have a rich history and pedigree, so it was a massive privilege and exciting challenge when morphsites were selected to develop a new B2C e-commerce site for the UK market.


Above sales target
Lowa's B2C e-Commerce site on a MacBook Pro

The Challenge

Despite being very well known in mainland Europe, Lowa has been a less-known brand in the UK, facing steep competition from other, more established companies.

From the outset, we recognised the new site would not only have to provide a seamless online shopping experience, but present the brand, its story and the products themselves in the best possible light in order to convey the quality of the product to a new customer.

Coupled with these design and story-telling challenges were the technical considerations. With over 80 products in 1,516 colour and size options (which can be updated every year), stock, warehouse and fulfilment integration were going to be essential for Lowa to ensure that logistics could be carefully managed and that customer satisfaction could be maintained.

The Solution

As always, preparation is the key. So, our team researched the market to surface some of the best user experiences for other high-quality footwear brands. Collating what worked and what didn’t, our UX team developed a set of mock-ups for the website experience that supported product and brand discovery.

Following approval testing with the client, our creative team crafted a premium visual design based on the prototypes that supported the brand proposition and quality.

These award nominated designs were then built into a fully responsive bespoke website, which integrates seamlessly with Lowa’s Pegasus Opera ERP system for stock control, fulfilment and accounting. This ensures that product availability on the website is up to date, and minimises manual involvement and potential error.

Exceeding all expectations...


Above online sales target

"We were absolutely chuffed to see orders coming in almost immediately after launch. Sales have continued well above our expectations in the past 18 months. Great job guys!"

Matt Woodruffe - Managing Director


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