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Clerksroom is an award-winning national chambers of barristers and mediators providing advocacy, advice and mediation at all courts and tribunals in England and Wales.


Digitising the paper-based legal world, groundbreaking brand Clerksroom delivers an industry first

In 1999, senior clerk, Stephen Ward had a groundbreaking epiphany that would modernise key legal processes: a way to cut third-party costs, minimise reams of paperwork, and save precious time.

Stephen Ward and his colleagues, two senior barristers, wanted to modernise the world of legal representation. Traditionally, barristers were challenged with working between court, chambers and at home, and juggling court cases between solicitors, clerks and clients, all supported by lengthy, paper-based processes. 

Why rely on attending enormous – yet mostly empty –  chambers buildings, when everything that a barrister needs could be made available online, providing instant access at home and at court? 

Clerksroom wanted to create a solution for barristers where everything was available remotely and securely, to enable them to upload vital paperwork and manage case briefs, files, appointments, and invoices. No need for expensive clerking fees and no need for a physical office.

The solution

Working in partnership with the co-founder of morphsites*, was launched in 2001, becoming the world’s first virtual chambers. 

And, from the start, the benefits were clear. Members of the public had direct access to choose and instruct legal professionals across the UK as never before. And barristers and mediators could save time with a highly-streamlined digital approach to case management that really worked. The site began attracting high volumes of visitors, and opportunity generation quickly exceeded all expectations. 

Due to the high demand for Clerksroom’s services, morphsites began a process to improve and tailor the website to support its users more effectively. morphsites began with vital research to provide further insight into the needs of Clerksroom’s ever-expanding user population. From here, morphsites created and implemented a comprehensive user experience (UX) strategy, aligning Clerkroom’s business objectives with key website developments to support a diverse set of new user needs.

Clerksroom’s new, fine-tuned website centred completely around its users: content was updated to better support the diverse user population, the site became mobile-friendly for anytime access, intuitive site navigation was introduced to make users’ lives easier, and every on-screen action was simplified to better support information-sharing and payment processing. 

The results

  • Better engagement with prospects
  • Significant business growth
  • Modernised and revolutionary approach

Better engagement with prospects

Clerksroom quickly achieved significant increases in user engagement:

Session length increased by 20% 

The amount of time that users were spending on the website increased, as they were now able find more relevant, better quality content to meet their needs, or spark their interest.

Number of pages per session increased by 22%

Users started visiting more pages on the website in one sitting, especially now that the site had more efficient online processes and navigation options.

Bounce rate dropped by 7%

More users started to remain longer on the Clerksroom website, rather than ‘bouncing’ off to find an alternative solution.

Significant business growth

As the first of its kind in the world, this project not only supported Clerksroom users more effectively, it also brought Clerksroom’s online presence in line with their business goals and company ethos: “If you need legal help, we aim to make that simple… It’s all about people.”

The way that people browse for a barrister or mediator has been transformed, and so has the working environment that barristers and mediators are a part of.

Clerksroom now clerk more than 80 barristers exclusively and work with 500 independent mediators. With a turnover of £12m, Clerksroom is recognised by most of the major directories as one of the leading providers of barristers and mediators in England and Wales. On average, they conduct 1,400 final hearings each month, whilst being one of the largest providers of advice and drafting in the UK.

*A decade before morphsites was established in 2011, our co-founder, David Hurst, worked in partnership with Clerksroom to develop and launch the website. We have continued to support them ever since.

Customer Testimonial

Stephen Ward, Senior Clerk

This ground-breaking project has enabled us to reach our target market more effectively, earning their trust, and laying the foundation for a truly modernised approach to the way we support clients as an industry. morphsites has been instrumental in helping us exceed all expectations.