Website Design and Development

The costs of regularly updating information on a website that has no content management system can be high; particularly when those changes rely on a third party. This was the situation faced by Dillington House, a highly regarded and well run conference, wedding and education venue in Somerset.

With frequently changing events, courses and conferences, the need for an easy to use yet powerful content management system became clear. After extensive discussions to determine Dillington's exact requirements, we prepared a specification at a level that would produce a tangible cost saving within 12 months as a result of site updates being made in-house by the Dillington Team.

The design of the existing website had been well executed and had received much in the way of positive feedback. Hence, we took a sympathetic approach to the new design and kept many of the aspects of the previous design, only making changes where new features or functionality dictated it. This served to keep a consistency between the old and new for repeating visitors and ensured that the site matched the venue's offline marketing.

Somerset's Premier Conference, Event & Adult Education Venue

Dillington's extensive selection of adult education courses meant that adding an advanced search system was a logical choice to help users find a course of event that was of interest at a time that suited them. An AJAX driven filter allows search results to be refined with the page being reloaded - a nice feature for users.

W3C Compliance and Accessibility

Dillington is operated by Somerset County Council. As such, it was essential that the site complied with accessibility legislation. 

Adhering to W3C standards when building a website ensures a reasonable standard of accessibility for users with disabilities...

This was achieved by building the site to W3C standards (as is true of all our sites at launch), which means the site can be accessed and interpreted by screen readers used by vision impaired visitors. The font size can also be adjusted to suit the user.

Content Management System Training

A key to the success of any CMS website is confidence and enthusiasm of users to maintain the site once launched. We believe the key to this is an easy-to-use system with sufficient training and subsequent support to make content editing a breeze. This is certainly true of the Dillington team, who, after a morning of training at our offices, were updating the site with minimal support - although we have been on hand when needed.

Maintaining Existing Search Engine Rankings

The site had been extensively and well optimised in terms of core content prior to morphsites' involvement. This hard work had resulted in good search engine positions for the site and the Dillington team were understandably keen to maintain this. Hence, we ensured that when the new site was launched links to the old website were redirected to the corresponding page on the new site using the HTTP 301 Redirect command. This Google-approved approach resulted in the search engine position for the site remaining consistent.

The new site has been well received by both Dillington House and their visitors. We continue to work with Dillington on improvements and other initiatives.

Customer Testimonial

Wayne Bennett, Director

Working with morphsites on our new website has been a really positive experience.

The process was totally transparent and the attitude of everyone concerned was positive and totally ‘"can do".

The knowledge and expertise of morphsites is impressive and gives you, the client, total confidence. We recommend morphsites without hesitation.