Powrmatic Heating Load Calculator

iOS & Android App Development

Powrmatic have worked with morphsites on a number of digital projects over the past few years, including two new websites and various online marketing initiatives. When the need for a dedicated app for the industry was indentified, we were the first port of call.

The app is a tool designed for heating engineers that allows them to calculate the heating requirements for a given space based on a number of factors, including dimensions, contruction type, ambient exterior temperate and insulation levels. The results can then be saved for future reference and emailed as a report to others.

The app was developed for both iOS and Android devices and published to the Apple and Google Play Stores.

App Design Methodology and iOS7

This app is intended as a practical, easy to use tool. As such, it was essential to ensure that the user interface was as clear and simple to use as possible, without any unneccessary adornment or clutter.

With the recent release of iOS7, this is something that Apple in particular is pushing for more and more, with even tighter controls over the appearance of the app to ensure that content and function is considered first over fancy and unique interfaces. Ensuring the look of the app closely matches that of the phone's OS also helps to provide a familiar environment to the user.

With these goals in mind, we designed the app to closely follow Apple's guidelines on the iOS platform. The Android design, in similar manner, focussed on a clean and simple design that made using the app as straightforward as possible.

The app can be downloaded from the following locations: